Eddy Piñeiro: I feel like I’m in a good rhythm – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Herb Hutson

He lost a crucial game for us. Overall he had a good season. I think he deserves a shot for next year. Crucial loss.


    He also won us the game in Denver


    He is worse than cody!

    Herb Hutson

    @Cheezitchar123 50/50 in that situation is not acceptable. As I said though, give him another year.

    Herb Hutson

    @PRHILL9696 verdict still out.


Experience really helps, Looking forward to it Pineiro 2020! 🐻⬇


    cody is better than this loser


Couldn’t even get above .500 Why even interview them?


This loser makes us want Cody back!!


    @Frances Moroney he cost us games and he cant be trusted. The coach is afraid to use him that is far worse than Cody

    Frances Moroney

    Well either way GO BEARS. BEAR DOWN


    PRHILL9696 do you not remember how many games Cody cost us? You’re braindead

    Scott Mayfield

    you are brain dead, Eddy had a better kicking year than Cody last year, also Eddy kicked better than Gould did this year as well


    Are you high????

Un Redacted

bye eddie


    lets hope

Emperor Penguin

are… are people actually saying they want Cody back over Eddie? Eddie hit 82%(23/28) of his fgs, last season Cody only hit 76.7%(23/30)
oh and btw good ol Robbie Gould was 23/31 for 74.2%

Yoshibro 456

Are we gonna ingore the fact that he’s wearing a chasing great shirt


    Yoshibro 456 thats good

Isaac DaGamer

Let’s go bears

Paul K

In a good rhythm is a great place to be………after the season is over and you’re heading back home for 6 months. How does being in a rhythm now help us?

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