Film Room: How Can The Minnesota Vikings Try and Slow Down Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara? – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Film Room: How Can The Minnesota Vikings Try and Slow Down Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara?

Former Minnesota Vikings player and coach Pete Bercich joined Paul Allen on this week's "Vikings GamePlan" to break down both sides of the ball for the Saints. Could Dalvin Cook's return open up things for the offense? And on offense for the New Orleans Saints, how do they use Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara to create mismatches?

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Brenton Atkins


ryan damon

SKOL 💜💜💛💛


Zim has to unzip his VAGINA and just coach players have to ball out. PLAY to WIN not to lose

    Space Ghost

    We have absolutely nothing to lose we are the underdogs let out your arsenal this Sunday

    Rene Gallegos

    DaMan your soooo right that’s been my beef with the Zimmer era….he Builds a Team that Looks like Tarzan but plays like Jane….they say a team takes on the persona of their HC….Zim led teams have been violated deep and often when it comes to Big Games. .I don’t expect anything different …just hope they packed enough Lubricant to ease the pain….then go and hire Mike McCarthy and let’s finally win a SB in 2021

Space Ghost

We have a shot at winning I’d say it’s 40% any team can get hot at this point and become a force. The Giants won the SB and were the 6th seed


We did it once, we can do it again. SKOL

Austin 123

We got this SKOL

Mateo Orozco

You’re just asking to lose when you post your defensive game plan on YouTube lol. Saints taking this one like they should’ve 2 years ago.

    David Mueller

    The Saints defense had 48 points put up on them. Many teams got nearly thirty on them a game. That is no secret. It’s also no secret what Peyton/Thomas do. If the real Vikings show up, it will be a game to watch. If the Vikings from the Packers game show up, it won’t.

abdikhaliq aden

How about Jared Cook


Does Paul Allen have to be in the room?

David Mueller

Jam Thomas at the line of scrimmage like you do gunners on punts. Get him and Peyton out of sync just a bit. Somebody told me the Titans tried that? I didn’t see the physical line of scrimmage jamming I’m talking about with the video Pete has here. Exhaust Thomas with it.

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