An In-Depth Look From The Head Coach Previewing Vikings-Saints | X’s and O’s with Mike Zimmer – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

An In-Depth Look From The Head Coach Previewing Vikings-Saints | X’s and O’s with Mike Zimmer

Watch the video version of 'Xs and Os with Mike Zimmer,' which airs on KFAN, as Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Zimmer and Paul Allen discuss the team's successful regular season, the injuries to Dalvin Cook and Eric Kendricks, the keys to rushing Drew Brees, the New Orleans Saints RB duo of Alvin Kamara and Latavius Murray, what makes DE Cam Jordan so tough to block, and much more.

Photo: AP

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Joshua DuBois

Mike your the best coach

Jason Eves

Zimm PLEASE utilize CJ this weekend! Tons of PA! Tons of screens! Feed the Ham!!

    rapdeath 22

    He doesn’t run the offense buddy

    Jason Eves

    rapdeath 22 I wonder if a Head Coach has ANY say in the planning and scheme of the offence? Are you seriously this thick?

    rapdeath 22

    Jason Eves yeah but he doesn’t call plays or designes them he just says “ohh let’s run the ball more” ohh let’s win the time of possession game” “

    Jason Eves

    rapdeath 22 did I say anywhere he was calling plays… buddy?

    al karg

    Nah. He’d rather run C.J. than pass to him. Why just the other game, Kirk hit Ham right in the ankles, and right above his head/arms (i.e., 2 incompletions) on his only two pass attempts at him. The Vikes need a helluva lot more than just C.J., screens, and PA to win in “crunch time” vs. Saints. They need EVERYONE to step up their game….especially the OL. Probability of this/these occurring simultaneously? Slim to none, based on prior history vs. very good teams this yr alone. MN needs a true, “miracle” to occur this upcoming game, to shed their wimpy, inconsistent ways….from coaches to players.
    Can happen. Yes, can happen. Just not good odds. #truthhurts

Skoldier Soup

Get us this win we know you got it in you!


Road Warriors!!! Let’s go!!!


Tons of screens! Trick plays! Cousins has to move!

Florence Dahl

Need to win games not lose games

Travis Stoudt

Tell u what Vikings want to make a statement???? Beat the saints in the dome then we’ll talk

    al karg

    Unless Zimm & Co., slip our OL a “mickey” (ala Coke or other stimulant…) for an above avg run/pass game performance, we’re (Vikes) F’ked most likely, and “One & done” in playoffs this yr.
    Unless of course, somebody (ahem….) can slip some bad, N.O. “jumbo” to key Saints players. (Not likely)
    One of these decades, we’ll have an all-pro OL once again (by luck? by design?) to make our QB, RB’s, and WR’s look truly amazing once more.
    But till then….. #Skol baby 😎


50th like 🔥🔥

nadroj 1812

Hopefully they get back to their bread and butter offensively, heavy run game paired with play action and bootlegs, and a ton of screens. Even if the running game isnt working, need to find a way to get dalvin the ball.

    al karg

    If Saints shut down DC (easy, just beat up/out the OL) early & often, then watch for him to “pull a Rhodes.” (i.e., “hurt”….feelings; sit on sidelines & pout)

George Egri

Vikings best of the best in fool’sball 🤔

David Mueller

Jam Thomas like you jam gunners on punts. If you give him cushion he will inside slant slash and YAC you to death. Tough receiver to cover in space.

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