Looking Forward to the Playoffs | Ravens Unscripted – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Looking Forward to the Playoffs | Ravens Unscripted

Evan Washburn, The Athletic's Jeff Zrebiec, WBAL's Pete Gilbert and Garrett Downing break down the biggest topics during the Ravens' playoffs bye week.

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jasir siddiqui

Hey I’m early ravens r the best!!!!!!#ravensflock

grim farm

One game at a time!!

Cameron Stites ツ


Jameson Helfrich

21:18 lol yeah foh KAREN

    Live From Apartment 22



Scared about the Ravens playing the chiefs the RAVENS better prepare physically and mentally for that game hope we can finally get a win against the chiefs 👌🔥

    thomas boffman

    Forget that, take no prisoners. Fear is for the unprepared.

    William Pace

    @eddiewinehosen You definitely get a hand raise for that look. Big Truss.

    Willie Walker

    That’s right 1 game at a time. I don’t fear the Chiefs. I’m hoping the Patriots beat the Titans. I don’t want 2C the Titans. I want no parts of Derek Henry. Everyone is looking over the Titans. They have a good defense & they’ll run the football just like us. Lets go RAVENS


    we didn’t have the same defense at the beginning of the year

    Terry McBride

    @Raul Chafloque Suggs gonna Smash Lamar,He said if the Ravens get in his way so be it!

Live From Apartment 22


    Kevin Porter

    Does hartford county count?

    laban carter

    @Kevin Porter it counts bro! #ravensflock

    david burns

    B-more #1 in many ways. 👿👿👿


    Kevin Porter As long as you’re from Maryland then yeah it counts

    Live From Apartment 22

    Make sure to go listen to the anthem by BALTIMORE artist ERIC here https://youtu.be/zipU8KPjY5o

Oncsimus Shakur


calba coller

When you start going down the list of “best” defensive players, you realize how great the Ravens defense is.

    William Pace

    You couldn’t be more right. Kudos!

Ben Y.

Everyone but Ravens fans were sleeping on us before the season (mostly because they completely underestimated Lamar). Sports illustrated had us at 5-11! We’ve always been the underdogs and we’ve got to keep that mentality. Now let’s win the SB – one game at a time. BIG TRUSS!

Jay Boogie

You know it’s been so long since we went to the playoffs and were favored to win it all smh MY BOYS ARE ABOUT TO SHOW THEIR ASSES… LET’S GO RAVENS


These talking heads are full of it.
They say the Ravens had it all
wrapped up a month ago!!! And
I suspect that some if not all of
them were Lamar Jackson haters
before he shut them up with his
ignorant statement that an ignoramus
could make. New England lost at HOME
to a team that’s not even going to the
play offs!!! As a wise man once said:

IT ain’t over
…till its OVER!!

Thing is none of these ridiculous talking
heads are wise.

Ms Sandy

Great team effort. There’s a lot of great leaders on this team. Men of character and some characters. Lol! Great job Ravens! Now keep it going!

Dave Brown

Let do this in my Chris Tucker voice

    Robert Miller



When they went for it on 4th and 2 in Seattle, I felt that.

    A J C Sr

    That’s was when Lamar let Harbs know what things were going to look like from there on out.
    LETS GO FOR IT ! 😎

    thomas boffman

    Definitely an Alpha move.

    T B

    As soon as you saw him go back on the field, and then saw him carry guys into the end zone. You could feel that these guys can’t be stopped when they’re clicking and firing together.

Shadow 3250

Favorite play: the spin move
Team defining play: the 4th and 2 QB Power
Lamar’s Season Defining play: the 3rd and 11 to Hollywood against Arizona
Lamar’s best game: MNF against the LA Rams
The Team’s best game: at home against the then undefeated 49ers in a driving rainstorm
Most fun game to watch: Tie between Wk 1 vs Miami, or the SNF mauling of the then undefeated patriots with that vaunted “best defense since the 85 bears”.
Am I right or am I wrong?

    Ryan Pennington

    U right brah

    Robert Miller

    His best game was seattle. He was brilliant in that game


    Robert Miller that was really 1 of his worst games all season in terms of stats but after that 4th and 2 play the mentality changed

Richarda Dinkins

The patriots and New England have to go through each other? Huh lol


Two Steelers fans are still pissed off the 2nd string beat their butts.


Is it me or is Orlando Brown not getting enough credit this season?

Leroy Worsley

The Baltimore RAVENS Defense has mostly been Good. The Offense broke many Records with Lamar Action Jackson! MVP! #8! That #1 Seed is Awesome! #NFLPlayoffs!

Leroy Worsley

When We Beat The Patriots 37 to 20! GO RAVENS!!!!! Freaky L! #8!

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