Exclusive Interview w/ New HC Kevin Stefanski | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Exclusive Interview w/ New HC Kevin Stefanski | Cleveland Browns

Browns’ new head coach Kevin Stefanski sits down with Nathan Zegura to discuss his hiring in an exclusive interview.

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Brian Heffernan

I like this guy. I hope management and ownership doesn’t screw it up.


Go browns!

Bobby Johnson

I like this one. He just seems different than the others

    Shaquille Oatmeal


Jason Stopar

He looks like an older version of Kevin love


    I was thinking a younger version of Kurt Warner, but that works too.


CLASS ACT. No bs, no cute baloney, articulate, smart, young, high upside

Bowl Of Cereal

Get an old hag who’s knows the game of football and leadership


    Bowl Of Cereal give him a chance, don’t give Haslam a chance though.


Ah the next Coah to fire.

Paul J

We just got rid of the best talent evaluator we have ever had. I have no confidence in Depodesta’s player picks. Just look at who he picked before Dorsey got here.


    I’m pretty sure that the next general manager is going to select this year’s draft picks. Of course, DePodesta and Stefanski will also be involved in the process as well.


Regardless if you agree or disagree with the hire, we have to get behind this guy. Very smart and likeable guy who has the potential to be a great coach. Rooting for him to have tremendous success. We sure as hell need it.

Tom Sweeney

Work>Talk. Hope that’s the theme in 2020. We had enough talk from this team in 2019.

The One & Only

I really like Steffanski and I think the way he prepares and the way he understands the game is amazing. He understands he can’t do it alone, not to knock on Freddy but he had an ego and wanted to be the star. Steffanski says he wants to make the players the stars, and it starts with hard work and preparation. He has the knowledge now can he turn a disfunctional ‘do what you want’ organization into a hard working, nose in the dirt one? No one knows, but I’m sure hoping. Atleast he knows he can’t do it alone and the most important part is getting good coordinators, that’s a start.

Hurricane Lane

Personally, I’m ready to have a fullback

Hero for Hire

Everybody loves em until they start losing games… The key will be patience. Something that the Haslams (and some so called dawg pound fans) have been short on. He’s a first time head coach that sounds like he has a vision of what he wants his team to look and play like. For the love all that’s holy, give this man time to grow into the position and create a culture of winning that we sorely need!

Dave Johnson

Move to the westside,,do not move to the Eastside unless you carry a gun

MrRandomnessGaming Randomness

It’s sad that your charm can get you hired buy a multi billion dollar sports team🤦🏼‍♂️

JHBIII production

Nothing he said was different than what Freddie said a year ago. I think its about the messenger. We’ll see how this plays out.


Well I certainly feel better about this decision after this interview. Well see how this translates on the field though.

Guru Gawd

He’s smart. I like smart. Freddie was tough but I’m not sure about intellect. This team has a lot of egos but I think a great scheme and plan is something that will get everyone together

Daniel Tayong

Seems like a good guy.

Dave Johnson

You are going to want to move to Avon lake or somewhere like that which is westside just like berea,if u ride lake Rd going west the higher up u go the houses look like Beverly Hills but better, you are not going to want to fight traffic going east to west towards berea,stay west and on the lake,Westlake is awesome on the lake too

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