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Victoria Carbajal

Let’s Go Browns New Head Coach Lets Go Browns!!

    Bernard Frohnapple

    Go browns!!


    Go Brownss!

    Daniel Torres

    Here go browns

    Blow Me

    Victoria Carbajal u must be brain dead

    Timothy Martin

    @Blow Me you must be a dumbass

Hunter Pokorney

Absolutely love this hire! This guys gonna bring us to the playoffs and give Chubb the opportunity to be the nfl rushing leader for years to come


    @LuthAMF 10-6 is good enough for me


    Yep. Unless it still doesn’t make postseason.


    @WavyJus Why not just start with 9-7? First winning record in a long time would be great!

    B Sn

    Why do you “love” this hire?

    Timothy Martin

    @Benjamin Carter no keep OBJ

Darren yeah

Also good luck on next season coach🏈🖤

Mike Wack 67

Kevin: “When do we get to work?”
Me: “Today sounds perfect!”

    Jason Sponseller



    From whats been said about Stefanski is that he is very dedicated and loves studing football so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s making a plan right now

    CLR Bubby Dadz

    @warriorsteel1 hopefully he can make us 5 steps ahead of everybody else


    He did and picked up wade Phillips for DC

Brian Hibbs

I’m excited but I’ve seen this exact video several times. Pretty sure that’s the same year/make/model of SUV kitchens arrived in. Haha.

    Tim Zahler

    And hugh exit in lol


    Probably because it’s the Browns’ and not his

    Tim Zahler

    @Zoruastrianism its called a joke

Mitchell 45

5 year deal too!! Let’s just hope we keep him for all 5

    running beard

    You know the answer already

    Danny Irish

    @running beard 2 year shelf life

    Nolan Bryant

    Bro it’s the browns

    Mitchell 45

    Nolan Bryant Jimmy and dee Haslam*

Bobby Mechling

I love that his first question isnwhen do we get to work…Tomorrow coach…the work starts tomorrow.

    B Sn

    Of course he’s excited, he just locked up 4 years of salary which he will only have to do 1-1.5 yrs of work to get. Another terrible hire by the Clowns.


    More cliches

    Timothy Martin

    @B Sn dumbass

    Jim Harris

    @B Sn And another terrible comment by someone who doesn’t know football. He has a good football mind, always prepared and the players love and want to play for him. All those things have been missing for the Browns for years.

    B Sn

    @Jim Harris Yeah, and they loved freddie too. Check all the people gushing about him before the browns got stomped in the opener.

CLR Bubby Dadz

he actually knows how to use the run and when to pass too! Hopefully we can get the playoffs with him, and we are good for years to come!

    Kaitlyn Fox

    He will not be calling the plays a computer is going to do that.

    CLR Bubby Dadz

    @Kaitlyn Fox ? Lol

    RetiredGuy Adventures

    @Kaitlyn Fox You really don’t know much about how football analytics works do you. That’s ok as long as your happy…

    Henry Goodburn

    Gary Kubiak was behind most of the running side of Minnesota’s offense. All Stefanski is responsible for is their very very basic passing attack that literally does not work if the run isn’t working because it’s like 85% bootlegs and play action

liberty bell

Welcome to the Cleveland Browns coach !

Reese Keysor

Right as soon as he goes in let’s get to work that’s what I like to hear


After starting the season 0-1.

“We haven’t done our job, and we need to do a better job.”

    Benjamin Carter

    Until he repeats that same fucking line 7+ times he can use it once maybe twice with the benefit of the doubt, IMO.

    Michael B

    And he will need to watch the tape…

Sean Perkins

6 words Freddie Kitchens didn’t have in his vocabulary: “When do we get to work?”


    His were ‘when do we get to eat?’


Maybe I’ll like this video in as couple of years if he’s still coach and no welcome party like for hue????


    Really. That’s about as “low key” of an arrival as I’ve ever seen. Where the hell was Haslem?

Danny Irish

( insert the Benny Hill Show theme song here)

Tevin Prejean

Welcome to the Browns coach Stefanski let’s go he’s the one dawgs


Welcome To Cleveland Ohio

    B Sn

    Make sure to rent. Jimmy wont keep ya long.


    @B Sn that’s dumb, you can sell your house and not waste money on rent

    Timothy Martin

    @B Sn dumbass

    Elias and Brittany Thornburg


Jesse K Young

Alright, for as much as I didn’t know, I’m breathing a little easier now.

Mountain Man Jim

I was really hoping some of the players would have met him at the office


Seems like a cool dude I think it’s a good pick up. First words in the office . “When do we get to work”


most Browns fans are naive.

-the Haslams

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