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Hell yeah!!!

Stoney Neff

This is the best draft in Broncos history

    Timothy Sisneros

    Wait till this year 😏 optimistic about what can be done

    Riley Anderson

    last year was hella good tho

    Tanner Aitken

    Last year’s draft class was damn good too though. Bradley Chubb, Phillip Lindsay (although he’s undrafted elway still went out of his way to get him here), Courtland Sutton, you could argue Royce Freeman has been serviceable as well.

    Sam Bradfield

    yeah last year and next draft will be amazing same with this draft we got Noah Fant Drew Lock Dalton Risner Dremont Jones and Malik Reed went undrafted

Stoney Neff

Long live John Elway!!

Keith Sims

Elway on Drew being the future: we have to see in the off season … Come on Elway, he is the future

    Blurry Face

    Bobby Tucker you got that good stuff Not the medical stuff is it?

    Bobby Tucker

    @Blurry Face yes its called 20/20 vision people that think drew lock is the future are very blind and in need of glasses

    Blurry Face

    Bobby Tucker is like to hear your thinking on it. Is it because he played for Missouri Or what is it?

    Nicholas Sugar

    Bobby Tucker Wrong he wouldn’t of drafted him in the 2nd rd idiot! He has shown enough to build around do you not like winning!?!?

Timothy Sisneros

Somebody tell Vic we don’t lose to a gruden coached raiders team in denver

Kent Borges

LOCK ON ! and rock on !

Mile High Truth

Lock-ness Monster shines again

Jody Strickland

If Elway doesn’t make Lock “the guy” then he’s insane. This kid is exactly what we’ve been needing for a very long time

Mick Welch

Let’s hope Elway doesn’t mess up this quarterback relationship again. Elways track record isn’t too good

    Cameron Luer

    You mean not over paying for shitty Osweiler?

William Brown

Let’s just beat the raiders

The Discussion

Drew will end up being the best player from the 2019 draft.


To infinity and beyond!!!

Zachary Burton

Draft a outside linebacker and get an offensive line man.

    Caleb Valdez

    Zachary Burton wdym we have Von Miller and Bradley Chubb at outside linebacker


    Draft a corner and Oline.

    Zachary Burton

    @Caleb Valdez we need another one that can play nickle and in case Chubb or Miller get injured again.

    Sam Bradfield

    @Zachary Burton tbh I think we’re fine with outside backers cause we also got Malick Reed and Justin Hollins. I think we need some o line help and another good receiver so Drew has more weapons but hey just my opinion

    Zachary Burton

    @Sam Bradfield we definitely need a nickback.


I sorta don’t mind them not calling Lock the guy next year yet, cuz he’s still eyeing the draft. But the players are already preaching it clearly. What else are you gonna do, draft another Qb and make them compete, or start him over Lock? Start our statue Joe Flacco again? I’m ready to roll with it

    Bruce Parkes

    We need another courtland sutton type player.

Sullen Morbius

is it me, or are those all-orange uni’s wi’the “D” helmet the way of the future?

Mo CheeZe

in Elway we trust

The United Coloradan Federation

Lock hard after that game. We Locked down the Lions. 🐴🐔🔒 WOOOOK

Clyde Triplett

Tim Tebow in the 316 game Pittsburgh. Preformed better than any other Denver QB in one game history. He won six in row , 300 yards passing, Elway, Payton, Tebow ! 300 yard Games. I had more fun in my 60 seasons with Tebow running the show

    wassup 12

    That whole season was the only good season we had with tim tebow lol

    Cameron Luer

    You are a moron 🤦‍♂️

Cypren Teaupa

I love those helmets. They should make that the logo

Just N/A

I have a feeling pretty soon before Elway passes away “I want drew to own what I created”

Drew: “I guess I’m the new Elway 2.0”

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