From setback to success: How the Broncos rebounded against the Lions after a loss in KC – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Nanette C


    Bobby Tucker


    Good Morning Y’all

    Bobby Tucker loser

alejandro barrera

We have a QB

P.M. Productions

They are gonna go 12-4 next season btw made it to 50k subs

    Michael Finger


    Mike Ernzen

    I think 10 and 6

    P.M. Productions

    Mabey 11-5

    Good Morning Y’all

    Bobby Tucker December dumb

    Good Morning Y’all

    Bobby Tucker Broncos nation Broncos nation Broncos nation

Aaron Sibs

Now that’s an edit! Could’ve matched the actual catching scenes with the beat drops a little more precisely but this channel is moving in the right direction for sure… cant wait for some more in depth off season videos

Uso Penitentiary

I see Bobby Tucker going through everyone’s comments looking for attention. State your team scrub


    Uso Penitentiary He damn sure ain’t a Broncos fan saying that crap.

    Uso Penitentiary

    Mike he’s got to be a fan of one of the teams in the division


    Uso Penitentiary lmmfao I said that same thing lol.

    Steven Soco

    Maybe just a millennial hater …lots of those around …got nothing …so they hate everywhere

Nathan Stripling

Finally some well-edited content. The media team needs to make a week to week documentary like the Chiefs and Chargers have done

GetEmBuster _

Hamilton’s got talent

    Wes L

    He a legit number 2

Andy S

With about 70 million in cap space, I expect a couple solid FA’s and a great draft to continue this rebuild

    Steven Soco

    Wasted dead money on James and Flacco. Coulda helped even more. Don’t forget, a bunch of that money you’re talking about is needed to sign Justin Simmons, Shelby Harris, maybe Wolfe …

    Broncos need an owner to fire Elway and get a decent GM.

    Wes L

    @Steven Soco so just when elway is drafting good since all these new players are elway players we get rid of him. Makes sense.

roger twitty

kareem hunt….aj green please….mixed with a starting right gaurd and draft a first round left tackle.please


    Hunt isn’t going to be a Bronco and Green is at the end of his career. We need a young burner.

    Steven Soco

    Joose < knows football

    roger twitty

    @Joose ill take a burner in the draft…..aj green would be nasty on the other side of sutton… and fant will be better next year…. i love hunts game…and him wanting revenge on kc makes even more since to me….

    roger twitty

    @Joose merry christmas bro

Amir Khorram

Great shots, great win!!

King Rudi

Next season bruh

Theory of Everything

We win more if we continue to have this mind set.

    Just a guy

    We win more if we continue to play the LIONS every week 🤦🏾‍♂️🙄

Miles Skoog

LOVE those color rush unis. Wish they were our standard.


It’s always a good sign when your rookie QB comes back from a bad loss.


Let’s get that final win and end the season on a positive note…GO BRONCOS!!

Daily Dad

We look so promising for the future. Keep it all together

Michael Hunt

People…they were playing the Detroit Lions. The frickin LIONS.
Beating them is no grand accomplishment.

    Just a guy

    Thank you. Team is trash


Let’s go Broncos!

Just a guy

Problem is you got rid of DT. Then you got rid of Sanders. We have NO RECEIVERS. Sutton is decent at best. He is slow and not a pristine route runner. You don’t have to be fast at a reciever, but you have to make up for that in other areas, such as the ability to get separation. Other than Sutton we have nothing. Ok, I’ll give it to Fant. He is the first good tight end we had in years. We need to get him more involved though. We need to get rid of bolles. When we drafted him, I believed he could make a difference. But now I just believe he will have 5 holding calls by the end of each game. Lindsey is a keeper. Don’t screw that up. Our defense is solid. But we need a better ILB to replace Davis. He is just a body in space. Doesn’t make plays. Has zero drive. I just named off 90% of your issues.


Not a Broncos fan but if they give drew some more weapons I could see them possibly making the playoffs next year

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