Phillip Lindsay on #OAKvsDEN: ‘We’re here to win the game’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Dom B


    Dom B

    @Darth Jakeus 8-8 still in the hunt and making the playoffs while yall sitting at home crying with von miller like i said Peyton saved yall PATHETIC FRANCHISE vic like 65yr bouta retire in years he wont last 2 years drew unlock the door is trash jacobs is better than phillip john elway killing yall team

    Christopher Camden

    16 years of a losing record I cant believe you even attempt to talk smack you should just slap yourself


Lindsay get 60 or more yards this game


So you can get over a 1000 yards this season




    Got the shirt as a Christmas present. Wearing first thing tomorrow because it’ll be the first gift I open.


    @mrtrex01 the shirt from thats good sport’s ?


    gokuisgod, YES SIR!!! I knew someone would know. With a Broncos santa hat to go with it.

Hunter Livie

Only 42 rushing yards against Oakland!!! Lets get it

Dave Logan

Take another to the House on Raiders Man…1k no problem..Dance on Oakland’s playoff bid..Lock owes em for blowing smoke in his ear saying they were gonna draft him

Chris Ortiz

I love his gangsta! He fire!

Michael Crabtree

Gotta give it everything in this game. Watch the long ball and the open man. Derek carr is a scrambler…gotta sack him. The wide open plays are gonna kill us…so interceptions gotta be there. Play tight coverage and dont ever give up broncos. Win this one!!!!! Go broncos!!!!

    Tyler Huston

    I read this in a very passionate tone…

    Michael Blackson

    Michael Crabtree felt like Coach Carter reading this lol

Carter Weiss

Raiders not winning u tell em phil 💪🏻🔷🔶

Ed McCaffrey

Phillip is dope! Go get 1,000 yds brother! Go Broncos.


So which games were you not there to win?

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