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Duane Williams

The lost art!!

Big White Duck

Will there be a NFL recap show?

JaMarcus Russell

This is why the NFL should never remove the Kickoff.

    Ryan Flanagan


    Ryan Flanagan


Big Mike's Strength & Fitness

Eleven comment!!!


Devante Harris should’ve had two but they called a cheap penalty against the saints in the bears game.


Not many this year

Nehemiah Howard

Never get rid of kickoffs and punts

Jeffrey Ferraro96

The worst teams always have good special teams

    Jacob Gutowski

    Jeffrey Ferraro96 saints, steelers, bills, falcons for the second half of the season, chiefs, bears I just really don’t think they’re the worst teams


    Jacob Gutowski as a steelers fan, we suck, except for our defense.


Cant believe the season is over lol

    Troy Viana

    Mannn tell me bout it, i was so anxious for wk 1.. In the blink of an eye its alrdy over 😥😥

    Michael Cleenewerck

    Troy Viana IKR crazy

    arfsnm dgn

    @Michael Cleenewerck https://youtu.be/6Mu1vIWnoKo

    arfsnm dgn

    @Troy Viana https://youtu.be/6Mu1vIWnoKo

    Randy Barat

    It’s short and sweet

Toasty Blizzard


Desean Jackson nostalgia


The Cordarrelle Patterson return is one of the best shot NFL plays of all time


So Hines is the best return man of the season because of one game.

    RG2 Highlights

    StormingCobra55 No Jamal Agnew has two returns as well

Nicholas Hebert

who else clicked on this vid just for Cordarrelle Patterson?

    Matt Russ

    Nicholas Hebert Jakeem Grant.

    Allen İverson

    @Matt Russ https://youtu.be/6Mu1vIWnoKo

    Andrew Montenegro

    Nicholas Hebert LMAO MEE!

Chris Valle

It ain’t the same without my man Hester back there. If only the bears could get a Rodgers or Farve imagine if we had a solid QB with that special teams and defense in 06

Joshua Yao

0:23 poor punter got sandwiched

Rolando Dazzi



Shout out to my guy Micah Hyde!

Benjamin Forney

Oh yeah only reason I clicked on this is because I saw Micah Hyde on the thumbnail.


I enjoy watching special teams TDs

DP Urlacher

As a bills fan, I didn’t think they would include the onside kick return TD

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