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royalrod _

Patient: geez idk Doc, I’ve been having some heart problems lately

Doc: have you been watching Niners games lately?

    TV- Productions

    royalrod _ the last few bills games excluding the jets have been just the same

    Riley Arthur

    this would’ve been far more accurate for Seahawks ahaha

    Gabriel Valencia

    At the end of the game I could hear my heart and see my heart pounding through my chest


    Probably the Patriots games

    Brandon Dorcas

    The same thing has been said a lot on every seahawks highlight win lol

reece pesce

Seahawks: “1 yard away hell yeah we’re gonna get this dub”

1 yard line: “Malcom Butler”

Seahawks: Get a delay of game right now.

    reece pesce

    @ender oh I forget the L because Seattle ran off with it 🤧

    Brian Omega

    In your dream

    RaZoR Xyooj


    Jp Starlin

    Malcolm Butler: I have an attitude

    Bill Belichick: I’m not going to use you and lose a Super Bowl to Nick Foles because of it

    Mr. Lightskin

    Lmao 💀💀💀💀💀💀

Julian Ruvalcaba

2015: Should’ve ran the ball
2019: Should’ve snapped the ball

    Justin Abelman

    Julian Ruvalcaba Yooooo is your brother Javier?!

    bernie udo

    Philly really worried.

    Chase Stephens

    @YG_ R!OT I’m also don’t think they had the right personnel to go into a heavy rushing front

    Kirk Meyers

    Nah, it was a good play in 2015, the patriots are just too good.


This game had the excitement of a Super Bowl game

    bernie udo

    NFC Championship 2 coming up? Get ready for Intense Defense.


    All the prime time niner games were like that this year

    Godly Super Saiyan

    redwing644 too bad they’re both NFC it would’ve been a great super bowl game

    Rick Clayton

    Had me walking the house like a caged tiger.

    Fantom GXL

    Christopher Huber need to get those viewers back.

Daniel Aguaiza Pozo

Seahawks: We got this woo-hoo 1 yard to go

49ers: Well lemme introduce you to him

25/8 Athletics

This season was good for the NFL. One of the best seasons in recent memory


    Only if you cheered for a winning team..

    Jerome Green

    Kevu Seth Texans are a first round exit lmaoooo

    25/8 Athletics

    @Rhey my team wasn’t always winning tho. We suffered plenty of yrs between this and when Patrick Willis retired. Things went down hill for us and fast but we stayed the course and built up thru the draft and thru free agency and trades and now things are looking up. The problem with alot of franchises is they aren’t patient. They want this win now mentality and that hardly ever works

Joe Marwil

pete carroll: 8 times a charm.
everyone: nah


marshawn: we have unfinished business at the 1 yard line.

Seattle: delay of game.

    Sagacious Evangelist


    Jonathan Gibson

    @ClearSpeed 49er 4 lyfe right chea

    Definitely rigged tho…

    Toni Garcia

    We the better team plain and simple. #49ergirl

Michael Scheerer

Best beefs in sports:

Seahawks vs. the one yard line

    Ernest Boykin 3rd

    Damn that’s messed up and real smh

    bernie udo



*1 yard line exists*

Seahawks: Why do I hear boss music?

    Darth Caedus

    Ornstein and enough music intensifies

    minecraft; the way home

    M E G A L O V A N I A



Miguel Rodriguez

Seahawks get to the 1 yard line.

1 yard line: “so we meet again… excellent “😈


Seahawks: We have an army
49ers: We have the one yard line

    Deepinder Bharaj

    Gamerdude 1901 basically he just kinda ruined the joke that was made, but it’s ok. Nothing too big

    Christopher Hernandez

    @Deepinder Bharaj don’t assume that, I’ve been a niner fan since day one, so don’t start calling me that because I’ll prove you wrong. Besides who’s your team since you want to assume that I’m a bandwagon?

    Gamerdude 1901

    Ok have a good day

    Deepinder Bharaj

    Gamerdude 1901 you too

    Tunnel vision 19Foe Lyfe95

    bestfunplayer 😭😂🤣🤣

Hunter S.

Seahawks fans: Okay, 1 yard, are we gonna run the ball

Seahawks: Well yes, but actually no

Un-Swagger Souls

1 yard line: my power has doubled since the last time we met


    Actually it’s 5 times stronger

    Sagacious Evangelist

    New additional power: Delays games/5 yard penalties

Drizzy Land

Pete Carroll: “Give it to beast mode this time.Nothing will stop him.”

1 Yard Line: “Hold My Drink”

    D K

    L. M. F. A. O

    Marz z

    Refs: Not on my watch


Moral of the Story: Never trust the Seahawks at the Goalline

    Antoine Scott

    Never trust PETE CARROLL at the goal line

    bernie udo

    He earned every inch.

Mike D

Deebo out here hittin’ the “O” button like he’s playin’ Madden

    Cal Day

    It was perfect

    Matthew Rocha

    And he kept his foot in bounds

    Gabriel Valencia

    When I saw that I got soooo hyped up 😂

    Gabriel Valencia

    Deebo is so amazing

    Roy Fokker

    is his real name deebo or they just call him that


In my Navorro Bowman ego: Hey 12, that’s what you get for cheering me when I was laying on the turf with a severe knee injury!

    Santiago R.

    Definitely. This one’s for him. Seahawks fans lost my respect that day. Feels great laughing at them now.

    dodgers doon1130


    Michael A

    Yes. 70 percent chance we see them again in two weeks.

Samuel Murillo

2015: Pass

2019: Delay Of Game

Cal Day

Brady be like, “THATS MY BOY”

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