Every Loose Ball TD of 2019 | NFL Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
edits yea

Dont let this video distract you from the fact that the refs costed the Seahawks the game

    Bryan Garcia

    edits yea stop commenting that in every video dam you’re just salty they lost

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    The Seahawks’ poor clock management costed them the game

    Allen İverson

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT https://youtu.be/6Mu1vIWnoKo

    Allen İverson

    @Bryan Garcia https://youtu.be/6Mu1vIWnoKo

    Allen İverson

    @Giovanni Patel https://youtu.be/6Mu1vIWnoKo

Craig Paul

I like how half the video is either Daniel Jones or the Patriots

Yo Yo

NFL messing up big time with their referees

12 PackersFan

Jeez the Seahawks game just about ended the nfl had these vids ready to go I guess


Now do every blown call of 2019


    Yo Yo deflategate

    DM G3

    Shad0wblazze lmao, you dumb af if you still believe that

    NE Patriots

    @Yo Yo Dude at this point Refs will never change if people like you keep acting this way. I hate when ANY team gets screwed over by them. And are people still going on about cheating? Dude the Pats have been dominating for almost 20 years… just stop wasting your time with that horse crap

    Count Blumiere

    @NE Patriots Gilmore was not about to get the TD, there were many Chiefs players around him that would have easily caught up to him, including Tyreek Hill.

Chase C

Missed extra points of 2019

PrimeTime Doge

10:16 Say that 10 times fast

Sports Fan

5:50 was amazing to watch!!!!!!!

Bryan Garcia

Finally a Dallas clip


I think it’s kinda weird that Josh McCown has played for 9/32 NFL Teams

JTrillZ BooFed

Wow the season is really over…….
Them 17 weeks go by fast 😩😩😩

    Yo Yo

    Good, the referees made it unbearable to watch

Benjamin Tyberg

The amount of times Daniel Jones is in this😂😂

Joseph Harkins

Going to study this because I know almost every one of these was reviewed and confirmed. Gonna be the most annoying guy on the couch. The expert.

Seattle Seahawks

6:58 Jadeveon Clowney @ 49ers

    Hotshot 14380

    Seattle Seahawks why hello there

    Kawhi Leonard’s load management

    No one asked

    Latios AUTTP ATHDTC // Latias Is Cutie

    dude don’t say that I’m also a seahawks fan and don’t say that to other people

    Kawhi Leonard’s load management

    Latios AUTTP ATHDTC // Latias Is Cutie Cool but I don’t care

Hotshot 14380

Was this made just to make fun of my boy Danny cause if so not cool! >:(


daniel jones everywhere lol

JTrillZ BooFed

Oh this times it’s picked up by bdleyndonahudaniddhhaubduiijwbsjdja for the touchdown!


“And Berry gets buried!”

Ben Smith

Make an every pick 6 video of the 2019-20 season

Ben Smith

The greatest thing of all time
Lol 😂 😆🤣😄

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