Eli Manning, Pat Shurmur, & Saquon Barkley React to Win over Miami | Giants vs. Dolphins Week 15 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
SOD CheezeWiz

Eli Manning, a top 10 QB in all of NFL history


    Top 10 all time? Ah … no


    @Frankincensed salty 2007 pats fan

    Ryan Shumaker

    Frankincensed hes literally the 7th best qb of all time

    bigger bird

    Top 5 all time. Personally my goat.

    A Elezovic

    I love eli but no, he isnt a top 10 QB. The stats say hes top 10 in yards and TDs, but let’s not forget he never took a week off. Those stats are similar to big Ben’s and hes always been injuried


Eli def a hall of famer

    Tre Williams

    Zentanium Definitely He is the Greatest ❤️💯

Max Rebo

I love eli

    Tre Williams

    Max Rebo ❤️❤️❤️🙏Manning is the Greatest

    Edgar Ramirez

    We love Eli. Can’t spell elite without ELI.

Eddie Hart

Gotta love Eli

Public Enemy

We will see you in the hall of fame Eli

    Tre Williams

    Public Enemy ❤️🙏

Woody The Pecker

Thank You Eli We Love You! Thank you for the Memories!!! You are a Legend and a Role Model!!!

Greg NYG

I definitely hopes he sticks around….

    Tre Williams

    Greg NYG ❤️🙏ELI

    mark d

    Sticks around as what and where?

Tre Williams

Eli Manning Is THE Greatest And Love And Respect ✊ to the Mannings 💯❤️🙏

Guido Sessa

Thank you Eli, for everything

Jay H

He is such a class act person. Jerry Reese has wasted his prime years by his inability of putting together a good o-Line . As Giants fans I think we were all complaining about terrible o-lines for year’s! They benched Eli this year and look Eli wasn’t the problem we were still losing games. And still through everything he never threw anyone under the bus, complained nothing like that. Eli will always be my quarterback .

    Jay H

    @Dr Grape I was deathly not saying to keep Eli Manning around that long just let him finish the year out. I would’ve preferred Daniel Jones to just stand on the sideline and watch him. we have had opportunities to win games this year I blame a lot of it on the coaching. some say Shurmur is a good coach just on a bad team. I watched him make some play calls and game time management I don’t agree with, and adjustments he’s never makes.

    mark d

    Jerry reese helped us win 2 super b owls

    Jay H

    @mark d with players that were largely not of his doing. A Lot of those players were already in place. He drafted a couple of good guys but that was it . After guy started retiring he cannot put together a good roster.

    mark d

    @Jay H he helped accorsi get many players responsible for 2007 and 2011 superbowl teams

    Support ya local G-MEN & Da METS


mr fishing

Proud to have grown up during the eli manning era thank you eli

    David Riedy

    Yeah me too.

    Edgar Ramirez

    Me three. Couldn’t have asked for anything better. Glad I was here for the entire ride.

Richard Weintraub

A True Giant who will Retire as One of The Greatest NY Giants QBs of All Time in the 95 Years of The G-Men. “A Class Act”

    Lil Robux

    Richard Weintraub the best ny giants qb

Kyle Roe

I’m a cowboys fan but wow how could you not love eli manning amazing history and overall super humble and loving guy I really hope to see you Sunday

    Ryan Shumaker

    Joey Glover facts

    Skeptik 864464

    Hey im born and raised in ny my uncles that passed loved the cowboys and giants during the golden age of the 80s and 90s and i got older and love the giants since eli’s start we deff have a rough couple years with eli but like coughlin said its us its not youre fault!

Bavan S

Eli “You Know” Manning. Thank you for your many years of service!

Jeffrey Abbey

#8 needs to step up his wardrobe game

Look at how Eli Manning dresses…
GG and thanks for your time with this team

Blessings to you NY Legend

    Edgar Ramirez

    Not covering for Danny but there’s a huge difference between the 2 guys weekly income let alone what they make a year. In comparison there is no comparison u know?

Ed Papp

I’ll miss Eli Thanks for the memories!!!

{ Alexander }

Thank You Eli, for everything you’ve done.


I still think he got one left in the tank I’d they just fit him with the right guys and so far some what we have something

    bigger bird

    I hope he gets traded, he deserves to be in the spot light a little bit more.

Winston Virgo

Thank u bro Eli for so many yrs.U should go up in history as the only QB that has never been out of a game & had to hot Super Bowls.42.46.Tha David Tyree catch was greatest ever.Brooklyn’s finest.


I can’t imagine being him and answering the same freekin questions for 20 minutes straight.

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