Saquon Barkley Highlights from Big Win over Miami | Giants vs. Dolphins Week 15 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

I love the giants


    You’re sick

Daniel Camilo

mark my words Barkley will rush for 200 and 3 tds vs redskins

    RD2 4

    You smoking some good stuff man…he trash he gonna run for -200 and 3 fumbles and -4 TD’s..has to be the most overrated and trash running back in existence even worse than the worst RB there is in football history..😂😂😂

    Cam Singleton

    @RD2 4 Hater Alert! Hater Alert!

    RD2 4

    @Cam Singleton nah it’s facts alert not cry

    Daniel Camilo

    @RD2 4 and who is ur team cuz u must be salty or something lmao


    Hope not we need to lose to get Chase Young. Enough with the meaningless wins

Jay H

Barkley had a good past couple of weeks because Eli has been setting him up. Eli knows how to read the defense, set up the offensive line and set up Barkley. And audible to run plays. Eli got benched too soon maybe that injury would not happen because he would put him in a better situation. Barkley could’ve had a much better season. I blame a lot of this season on coaching.

    Big Blue Squad

    Jay H Barkley was injured the whole time Jones was playing, that’s why he never rushed over 100 yds.

    Jay H

    @Big Blue Squad %100 true! what I was trying to say was before he got hurt Barkley wasn’t running that well. If Eli was in the game he could read the defense and set Barkley up maybe that injury would never of happened. he would’ve put him in a better situation. That’s what I was trying to say.


    I blame the lack of success this season on Eli making 23 million dollars a year while sitting the bench. Not going to win many games with that type of roster management. Shurmur is a great coach stuck on a bad team.

    RD2 4

    @Matt lmao what drugs you on trash coach on a team that can have some success if it wasn’t for the god awful play calls and the trash DC..

    Jay H

    @Matt I don’t mean this in a hateful way but I’m just not a fan of Shurmur. Even with the talent we have on this team we had opportunities to win games. I don’t like his playcalling I don’t like his game management I don’t like his game time adjustments which I don’t see him make a lot. I think he put his faith in a rookie quarterback who hasn’t had the best games. turns the ball over too much. a lucky missed field goal Jones really only has one win. Eli making that kind of money should never have been on the bench. Jones should have been on the sidelines watching. As a HC you’re judged by wins and losses and he has a lot of losses.

Muz Kamal26

What a beast

Goat 1326

That fan that fumbled the ball at the end … smh hope someone gave him that ball.

    David Riedy

    Hell nah. They had their chance, and they blew it. Gotta always stay prepared.

    I’m not being entirely serious here haha.


    You came here to post about fans? Gtfo

    L Droppers

    That was my friend my other friend stole it

    L Droppers

    And I am the person in the white hoodie

LES pdxx12

who else is just happy that Saquon did rly good today

    Professor Statisyahu

    LES pdxx12 that depends, if Wil Lutz scores 13 points tonight against Indy, then it won’t matter.


Any chance we get a fullback as a rookie free agent

Geoff Weiss

Great team win!! Fire Shurmur now!!!!!

    Big- Texas

    I agree!


It’s the Dolphins. Nothing to get excited about

    Meme Miester

    Frankincensed bruh are you a true fan? yeah it’s just the dolphins but we needed this for morale. Eli went off with a bang. so stop being salty the season is over already so why not have fun and try to win.

eat a chicken wing

Wow as soon as he scored a touchdown he looked 10x better I guess he needed something to motivate him or get him hyped up


Close to the old him. Still missing his breakaway speed tho

Mr T

It’s the Fish, lol…..they have a terrible defense.

Jayson Loyd

I wonder if this gives him back his confidence that he once had

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