Eli Manning Leads Giants to Comeback Win vs. Dolphins | 2011 Week 8 Giants vs. Dolphins Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Eddie Hart

Does this mean Eli’s starting?

Ambassador Scorpio

Eli… My QB. Thanks so much for your Heart and Soul given to us your Fans for ever. Giant for Life. Giants to Death.


Giants winning this game if not I’m getting the Giants tattoo

Tre Williams

ELI MANNING is the The Greatest Quarterback Back ever he deserves everyones respect let him start the rest of the 2019 season and lead him above 500 hundred in his career wins so he can be at least 120 and 117 in his overall record ❤️💯🙏

Richie Rich Flores

Ngl, at 0:04, Moore looked like Jones


    Richie Rich Flores I was legit just about to say that lmao

Sportsplayer 2.0/Daniel


Talha 10

We need to beat the Dolphins to break our losing streak and Manning’s record so he’ll be even again and then we need to lose to the redskins for chase young and we need to beat the Eagles for our pride.

Victor Marquez

Why do we keep going back in time we need to concentrate on 2019 not 2011

    Benjamin Moore III

    Victor Marquez Because it’s a reminder that things will get better.


I was at this game

Brian Mclarney

The 2011 giants weren’t historic they won nine games in the regular season

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