Bud Dupree & T.J. Watt on generating takeaways | Pittsburgh Steelers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
ironhead Villalobos

Trent Jordan 😍

John Bruce

Be nice to see the Steelers produce some kind of offense this week. Conner and JuJu coming back should help at least some. Duck averaging 21 pass attempts per start is reminiscent of Big Ben in 2004. He averaged 22. Want to see more Kerrith Whyte on offense. He’s the only fast RB the Steelers have.

    Victory Asher

    I like to see Kerrith Whyte go out in weak-side motion from the backfield with a linebacker having to defend him. Linbacker be burnt 🍞🔥🔥

    Nic Salerno

    John Bruce yeah we need to mix him ,samuels, and (connor on the rare chance he plays) snell and edmunds are backups

Victory Asher

At 1:38 number 53 for the Cardinals was going to give Joe Haden a cheap shot once he gave himself up on the ground after the INT. Cam Hayward step in, snot-knockered him and said, “I AIN’T HAVING NUNNAH DAT”!! 🤣🤣🤣

Steve Spears

If JUU juu come back what happens with Cain;?Please don’t get rid of HIM;

    Abukabar Muncongabo

    They’ll pop out Holton or Jones before Cain

    Hugo González

    Bro if we cut Cain imma be mad asf

Marla Parks

Watt always brings his A game Steeler NATION

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