Murray On Playing Against Baker Mayfield: ‘It’s Going To Be Special’ | Arizona Cardinals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Calogero Pecoraro


Reid Harvin007

All kyler fans where you at!

    Antonio Cervantes

    Give this man a O-line and it a wrap!

    Travis Thatcher

    Been k1 since day 1! This weekend will be fun


    Travis Thatcher i like how that all rhymes lol 😂

Arizona Rider

Wish we would of got Baker Mayfield .

    Fred Castro

    Nah too cocky


    Travis Thatcher Fake? Foh bruh. Kylar ain’t trash but neither is Baker

Gökalp Öztürk

06:34 Dj Humphries 🙂

Mr. Vth

🔥KM1🌵All Day


Kyler Murray 2020 draft is coming and CeeDee Lamb/ Jerry Jeudy would be perfect for you in the offense.. It could be just like Lamar Jackson and Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown connecting and making O-line look strong atleast 10-times more.. If Cardinals could draft both CeeDee Lamb and Jerry Jeudy it would be straight fire!!

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @josh espedahl we gotta draft some oline. Every time we acquire oline through free agency, we always end up signing some bum veteran who gets injured. But you’re right, we have tons of money so we’ll see what happens. All I know is that Keim needs to go before he wastes half of our cap space

    Andrew Nelson

    Bro can you imagine Kirk , ceedee, Isabella, Butler and fitz to hold it down like let’s gooo we just need a tight end that can actually make a play. O-line can always be improved in free agency


    @Andrew Nelson We need young talents more then veteran players that gets injured each 2/4 games like Chase Young/ Derrick Brown/ Tristan Wirfs the beast players that impacts the quality of defense and offense it’s easy to say that is Chase Young would be drafted to Arizona the offense would have more plays and with Derrick Brown in the mix + Tristan Wirfs the brick wall would be bigger for Kyler not to get sacked so much times. Kyler needs safety around him then offense at this point yeah maybe CeeDee Lamb and Jerry Jeudy would be perfect but Kyler this season alone is sacked 41 times.. And the injuries are more scary for him then anythink..


    Larry Legend is a GOAT well maybe he wouldn’t get sacked so much if his receivers could get open

    Kevin R

    Cards will draft Jeudy.


Murray needs more help on OL and he will need more weapons also needs to improve on his passing and how to make out plays. I believe we will be a better team next season this was a year to learn from and it is a start. We weren’t going to make the playoffs and this now it’s to make these last few games fun and show we got something. Let’s beat those Browns! Go Cardinals!!


    xHIGHNESSx we didn’t have to make the playoffs. But only 3 wins? Abismal. Disgusting. Fitz deserved better than this. This is not okay. We should expect much better from offense and defense both then we got this season. The team should be disappointed in itself. They deserved to be shamed by playing a home game and still not having home field advantage cause most of the fans were stealers fans.


    Noah Both sides of the field give up to fast it was a year of a learning progress many mistakes were expected. However the OL staff has done a great job and is headed in the right direction and see it having more stronger base and defense it’s a given if we get it right as of now only 4 solid players Hicks/CJ/Baker/Baker and Alford next year it’s just like our offense was last year but not enough we were lagging. We sign and draft both ends and in the spot we’re in draft our position and money wise.. it all can go well and is expected but not with Keim at the helm!

Brad P

I jus hope this team can get it together especially the defense. anyways Happy Hollidayz everyone and Ho Ho Ho Meeerrry Chrrissstmaaas!! ⛄🏈⛄ LETs GO!!

Isaiah Bracamonte

Byron Murphy been playing like doodoo

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    1 game lol. He plays with more heart than most players on our defense and is definitely a keeper

    DM Franz

    Murphy has a great motor, competitive drive, and with more time technique will improve. He has had some excellent plays, and seems to be a good open field tackler. He cut Julio Jones down a bit and helped containment a lot remember.

Manuel Loya

Like to tell the cardinals o line to block for kyler for longer than 2 seconds


K1 😊👍🏽

Noel Newlon

I buy Kyler’s heart and dedication, but there’s the nagging limitations of his diminutive size that can’t be ignored. Close but no cigar.

    josh espedahl

    His size doesnt limit him aside from him being aggressive in the run game and EVEN WITH HIS PASSIVE NATURE TO AVOID CONTACT HE IS STILL SECOND IN RUSHING BEHING LAMAR SOOOOO yeah. He is a fantastic rookie qb who will easy be the next russle Wilson once the o line and defense step up

    Winston Wood

    How do you explain Drew Brees and Russell Wilson success right now if size is the only thing that matters


    @Winston Wood Brees and Wilson can avoid one arm tackles. K Murray goes down with one hand to the jersey. KM runs parallel to line of scrimmage and cannot outrun the D.

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Jj what are you saying?

    Fred Castro

    His size is no issue he just needs better protection.

Antonio Cervantes

Give this man a O-Line and watch what happens!!

Paul Archer

Kyler hat game is always on point

Stan ezen

Browns will win 34-24.

    Kevin R

    Most likely.


Start David Johnson this week his chemistry with Kyler in the passing game is special and he showed that in last weeks game and in the falcon game

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    I don’t know why they won’t just move him to WR. He’s had some of our best catches this year


Our season is in full dive bomb mode. Everyone is all jokes and laughs. I guess it’s funny losing 6 in a row?

Fred Castro


    Kevin R

    No. Got to tank.


It’s obvious that if Patrick Petterson ain’t trying to help Cardinals WIN games then Cardinals should consider trading Patrick for a top pick from 1 to 10 and draft Jeffrey Okudah CB Ohio State Buckeyes + we have Byron Murphy in the mix both CB are strong players.

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