Drew Lock’s growth is winning games and Broncos’ locker room as excitement builds for the future – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Ozayy 8

Da future

Michael Gianni

Was at this game today was awesome

see chang

Let’s beat the raiders to end the season💪💪🏈


    see chang, and hopefully end theirs 😏

Quinton Wilson

Win a few super bowls drew

    Chris Diaz

    Quinton Wilson I hope so 🙏🏽

Nicholas Bova

Really liking Drew Lock so far. Reminds me of when Denver had young Jay Cutler, except Drew shows obvious enthusiasm and looks like he cares.

    David Lee

    Culter 4.0 lol

    C W

    Yes and of course Drew didn’t say that he was better than John Elway which Jay Cutler did at the time.


Future looks bright GO BRONCOS!!!

Cherokee Mack

Go drew and end the las Vegas show girls playoff Hope’s next week!!!

The Discussion

Build the offense around Drew. Get a speedy receiver in the draft (Henry Ruggs), fix the O-Line, maybe go after a big name corner in free agency, and we’re back to a 13-3, 12-4 season.


    We have 5 picks in the first three rounds, 2 more in the 4th. If they do as good as the last 2 drafts we’ll be in good shape.


    We’ll have to be a much better team next season. The AFC West runs through KC. I believe this team will get there 💯🔥


    The Discussion

    Opethian we will most definitely beat the chiefs next year.

Cory Smith

Lets keep him 1st string for the next 10 years! He’s gonna be great! Get rid of Flacco!

    David Lee

    Denver will free up another 10 mill by cutting flacco

    Steven Soco

    Cory Smith that’s a no brainer …what else you got?

    Cameron Luer

    They can cut Flacco with no dead money, the bare looking at 60-70+ million in cap space.

    Taylor Rhodes

    The Room next year needs to be Lock, Allen, and Rypien in the preseason. Maybe you get a guy in the 7th round or UDFA, but there’s no need to go get a FA QB in the offseason unless Allen leaves. But like Detroit, you need to have some sort of veteran voice in the locker room and Allen is that guy. Flacco doesn’t seem interested in helping Lock like Stafford is helping Blough, (blatantly obvious as Flacco just stood there) Flacco, you’re on injured reserve. You have seen your job slip away again. Denver isn’t your team anymore. You’re more than likely gone in the offseason. The best thing you can do is help Lock inbetween drives. The more eyes there are on the screen, the more things that can be picked up. Obviously, today is about watching the film, but don’t just sit there and twiddle your thumbs. Help the young QB’s out. Denver can let you go at anytime bud. But Elway has kept you in the building to help the young QB’s grow

Michael Crabtree

Keep on winning drew lock. Your doing great. The team is helping you out. Just gotta keep on winning. Go broncos!!!

Major Tom

Great interviews & insights all the way around, thank you !




drew reminds me of payton manning as a rookie

    Tony Flamingo

    HunterCO1 manning set the rookie pick record

    Steven Soco

    Tony Flamingo lol, good comeback.

    Hunter Livie

    Peyton had a terrible rookie season tho


I am interested again now that Lock is playing…praying he is the real deal.

Steven Soco

Justin Simmons … #1 need to extend player.

Steven Soco

Everybody knows about Drew’s arm, but he was reading the whole field today. Still need an o line, another WR, another RB to get the offense in gear. Even Elway needed T.D. and a great o line before he could win the big one…

    Tim H

    agree…O-line needs some new faces, Freeman doesn’t really do it for me at RB and a back up WR for Sutton and we will see improvements.

    Zachary Couch

    Steven Soco Jerry Jeudy + Cortland Sutton

    Jason Hurt

    @Zachary Couch that would be ridiculous lol

Dakota Wolf

he need to come to kc as a back up we can use him

    Taylor Rhodes

    Unless you offer us all your 1st Rounders for the next 15 years, we ain’t trading him

Tim H

Beat the Raiders and we’ve improved on the last 2 seasons…Lock has potential there’s no doubting that (looks far more composed than Flacco and can move about outside the pocket)…as said the O-Line needs to be sorted and then we could be heading nearer to play-off time once more.

Federico Monicchi

Buzz Lock-year! 🔫🤩

Andrew Sundberg

Enjoy the next decade and a half of looking up at Mahomes Broncos fans……

    Andrew Sundberg

    @James Allen I’m sure your parents enjoyed watching those banners being hung….. like I said… you can enjoy the next few decades, in which, you will hang zero banners and have already had to witness KC hang their 4th consecutive division banner,and will have to endure many other KC banners being hung…. San Antonio Spurs were irrelevant for decades….until their weren’t….

    Andrew Sundberg

    @Taylor Rhodes lollll…. I hope Elway feels the exact same way all y’all feel…. I’ll be here whenever these pipe dreams come to fruition

    James Allen

    @Andrew Sundberg Hahahahaha yes my parents and I watched the THREE Superbowl wins together and the banners go up. Division title trask talk is hilarious. Enjoy being the regular season champs. Did you watch the last KC Superbowl win on color tv??? Hahahaha…lames.

    Andrew Sundberg

    @James Allen Enjoy watching us for the next 6 weeks….

    James Allen

    @Andrew Sundberg Wont be six weeks lol but I will enjoy seeing those sad, disappointed faces like I do every year. Enjoy the heartbreak, but hey, you should be used to it

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