Phillip Lindsay: ‘The offensive line did a hell of a job today’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Kristion Taylor

We found a right tackle

    Duke Rose

    Kristion Taylor go Broncos homie

    James Medina

    ? Who is it?


    That kid balled!!



Jeff Wingham

Alittle too late. Elway needs to go.

    T Lujan

    @Michael Blackson I’m no expert man I dont have the answer but it’s my understanding that GM’s often start out as scouts and are groomed for the position I’m sure we have someone like that in the organization already. However you could leave Elways as the president of football operations and have the Clout that goes with his name still while having someone who was essentially built to be a GM having the final say in the draft process and things like that

    Michael Blackson

    T Lujan Elway is a flawed GM but he’s done a lot more good than bad. As well as changing the draft philosophy the last couple years. Firing him when he seems to be turning things around would be wrong.

    F Bomb1

    @Michael Blackson very true he admittedly blew the 2015, 17 draft but like you said he changed the format the last two years and just killed it. 13 of 16 picks are still with the team that’s amazing. Next draft we have 7 picks in the first 4 rounds, if he picks another 4 or 5 day 1 starters like lindsay, fant, sutton, freeman,risner..he will be fully redeemed.

    T Lujan

    @Michael Blackson I follow w particular philosophy myself. I don’t want to be treated by anybody but a doctor when I go to the hospital. Like I clearly said he don’t gotta be fired he can stay president of football operations which seems like it means nothing anyway and be Elway and all that and someone who knows the trade can be the GM

    James Polk

    @T Lujan he was gm of the Colorado crush arena team and brought them titles before he got to the broncos. He had xp already. Granted in a lesser league but still xp nonetheless. So to say he had zero credentials is just false.


Elways put together a great team!!

    Doug Noe

    JacksonCoe YES!!!!!!! For real …. I’m so sick Hearing fire Elway this whole thing just need some time and consistency

    Aidan Henriksen

    James Medina

    1. Flacco was good for Lock’s development, whether or not you want to admit it.
    2. How on earth was Elway supposed to know that Ja’Wuan James would be injured all season?
    3. We offered a larger contract to Barrett than Tampa did, but he turned it down and left for a starting role. Nothing Elway could have done.

Cherokee Mack

Nice smile buddy! Stomp the Las vegas show girls next week!!!

livingdeadgirl46 46

First and foremost fix the line so someone like Lindsay can succeed

Señor Lovato

Man I love this kids attitude and especially his love for his family ..GO BRONCOS

Bruce McGinnis

I love this guy. You just gotta root for a guy like this, undrafted, hard worker, great player, great teammate, great human being. I have 5 Broncos jerseys and his is one of them.

Dream Reef Beltran

You look like baby Terrell Davis today. help baby boy Drew against raider Nation. Remember they took you out last season you miss the pro bowl get paid back and Merry Christmas and a Happy New year ☮️☮️☮️✌️☮️☮️☮️☮️

Karyn Haines

“we are all only young and can only go up from here.” I love that spirit…

The Discussion

Hear me out:

Lock – Elway
Lindsay – Davis
Sutton – Smith
Fant – Sharpe

    So SpunOut

    Nope not even close bro! Maybe in like 4 years.

    TomKatNDaFlesh 98

    I Agree 👌😎

    Hakeem Johnson

    Im not gon lie your on to something here 😃


The only undrafted rookie running rb to make the pro bowl. Now he’s 42 yards away from being the only undrafted rb to reach 1000 yds first 2 years. 2 NFL records already. Quite a start.

John Waide

The offensive line stepped up and helped Lindsay get his score of the game.

John Seneff


Mark Tuttle

How many times I have you watched Mr. Phillip Lindsay do anything that you don’t walk away a better person. Sir you are an absolute blessing to people that you may never even meet. Your passion for life and the type of quality human being you so clearly are is a true inspiration to those of us struggling thru this life




Lock this guy up for the future!!!

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