Fighting the flu: Broncos play through adversity to beat Lions – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Elway has done a great job putting together a great young team


As Vic sadi : I am proud of this team.————–They have played hard & together, all year long. ——-And, I’m happy for Emmanuel Sanders; he is now THE guy for JUimmy G., & he has a shot at another ring. ——————————WolfSky9,. 73 y/o

King Rudi

Von, please please stay with us

Hugh Jass

I’m sad to say this but von has to go, he isn’t as good as he used to be and we need to make room for a better player


    Hugh Jass I agree bro no doubt

    Juns Man

    Bruh down year it happens to the best of em





Drea D'lux

Get a case of Lysol and cover that entire locker room. Otherwise, it will just keep spreading. We need to be healthy to spank dem Raiders.

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