Drew Lock: ‘There’s time for us to build and be something super special’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Timothy Sisneros

I’ve seen a lot of QBs post games, and I gotta say, Drew absolutely answered all these questions as good as any I’ve ever seen. It adds up to what he thinks about himself and his team going into the future. And how bright that future is. We have a quarterback. #beatthechiefs


This team next year is gonna be fun to watch 🔥

    Tyler Wood

    @Bobby Tucker Von had a down year in sacks but still affected the games with his absurd amount of pressures. Hes not done yet

    Juggernaut Warrior

    @Erik I think next year we will finish 10-6 let’s go Denver


    @Bobby Tucker Miller was hurt all year and he played through it…are you sure you have watched everygame? or just the highlights…you seem like a highlight kinda guy, von is far from done, nobody else is on that line that can get any pressure so they just put it all towards him..double tripple chip, teams aren’t dumb, they aren’t gonna let thim wreck the game. Getting rid of von is as dumb as getting rid of mack. Im glad you aren’t in the front office.

    Good Morning Y’all

    @Bobby Tucker just leave stop hating

    Good Morning Y’all

    @Bobby Tucker your just mad cause ur team sucks

IsiaahMonaZay Trujillo

He tied John Elway as the first rookie to go 4-1

    stool YT

    I think everyone knows that but ok!👍🤐

    Xeroc _

    @stool YT stfu

    Deadlycyborg gaming

    IsiaahMonaZay Trujillo Hell yeah he did

    BiG GHost

    Drew should’ve been a top 5 pick tbh, he’s too good and looks so pro ready just like John did

Ken Reather

Finally, not worried about who will quarterback

Quentin Her

I feel like we can score more points if we get good wr like cee dee lamb and get some offensive lineman and some players on defense

    Micah Leggett

    ceedee lamb would be a steal at 15

    Slightly Above Average

    If we get that burner at wide out and take care of our o line this team is dangerous


    ceedee lamb has been projected to us all year till we started winning…he’ll be picked in the top 10 for sure. He’s like Hopkins, we dont have a chance at him sadly. I think we need to shore up the corners and LBs first. Todd Davis can’t cover a cold and CHJ most likely gone. But if somehow he drops to 15 we take him 100%

    GT Venom

    Henry Ruggs

    Henry Westgard

    Mike Guzman we need to get garret outta here

The Discussion

Last year, I was not excited about 2019-2020 because I figured Case Keenum was gonna be the starter again 🤮. This time around, I can say that I’m looking forward to 2020-2021.

Adam Juarez





    I am Brandon “Every time I see Drew Lock in a Broncos uniform, I get a stiffy”… Perna.


Lock to Sutton for the next 10 years!!!!

Bowhunter 1

A couple small breaks we are 10-6 going to playoffs.

    kuna coins


    Miles Morales



    We got robbed all those games

Dracarys Dothraki

Thank God we don’t waste another 10 games looking for our guy, we can do 10-6 easy next year with Lock starting

    Steven Soco

    Dracarys Dothraki no wonder is ever easy in the NFL … who are these people?


Only 4 months till the draft!


Two of the best to ever play QB as mentors 🐴🔒🐔 #DukeofDenver #PFM

    Lukas Karner

    you got that from Brandon nah?😂😂

Rick DiGregorio

“Drew Down”

    Domo De La Rosa


Edgar Esparza Jr

Drew’s level of confidence is insane, he gonna be a legend

Brent Marshall

2 dislikes? One must be derek carr and the other is flacco

    FPS Episodes


    Addict with a PEN

    Lol, YES!


I am so happy 😀 the Broncos were able to draft him. Looking forward to next season.

Kevin Gram

We need… OL, CB, WR, ILB

Theory of Everything

I think John Elway can finally cross QBs off the draft picks

La vida del Ranchero

Once he mentioned Peyton Manning I was sold 🔥

Andrea Yates

I put on for my city
I put on for my city !!!!!!!!!
Love this guy.

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