Shelby Harris caps ‘amazing season’ with game-saving pass deflection – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Khieran Walker

Dubz,7 if them and I promise I swear I am first


Bet he’s not going to re-sign with Denver.

Darwin Romero

we need him next year !!!

Jesse Williams

We really need to resign Shelby Harris.

Hugh Jass

We better resign him because we need him with Bradley Chubb coming back next year

Sam Bradfield

sign the big man

Uso Penitentiary

Denver made Shelby Harris. Hopefully they’re able to bring him back but it won’t be cheap

    King Stacy

    Uso Penitentiary It will be cheap lmao


    @King Stacy not that cheap


Pay this man, right after Simmons.

Von Miller

Against the team that cut him twice do your thing big man

Shawn Edmond

Broncos plz bring Him Back

Tyler Wood

Please denver pay the man


Hopefully Denver can bring him back…hopefully…

Tam Almeda

Pay the man!!!

Brute Better

This man is a game changer!!!

Aaron Humphrey

Come back next year Shelby!

Jack Black

Sign with denver!!!!!

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