Drew Lock on returning to Kansas City for #DENvsKC: ‘It’s just another football game’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Roy Man

Our future is looking gr8 guys


Class act and got some swagger too. Future is bright for my team.

    Bobby Parks

    Not really everyone that’s hanging on this dude’s sack is blind you’ll see now he’s going to lose the next 3 and then all the talk once again will be will Denver ever get a QB ……the short and sweet answer is yes all they have to do is lose every game next year to get the number one overall pick for 2021 so they get Trevor Laurence end of story ……..drew lock is a bust everyone will see

Elephant Rifle

I think I can trust him a little more because of this interview, go Broncos

Fusion Gaming

Can we just acknowledge the fact that Drew lock after coming back has won two games in a row one was against the Texans who beat the patriots very underated

    Jerry Obrien

    Broncos are playing KC a good team they will not win. the Texans lost by 35 a few weeks ago. Go get a bank loan and take the money line on Broncos

    See Yourself Happy

    @Jerry Obrien You have proven once again that you are ignorant of reality. The Chiefs beat the Ravens, and the Texans beat the Chiefs this year….
    Every player on every NFL team is a world-class athlete, and when you can understand that the game is all about matchups you will understand that any team can win on any given day. Not a single person alive knows who is going to win the Broncos at Chiefs game, and that includes you.
    If I were you I would stay away from football knowledge, as you very well may be the most dense “fan” I’ve ever talked to.

    Zachary Couch

    Jerry Obrien you are making yourself look absolutely brain dead 💀 It doesn’t get much worse than that 😂😂


He seems like a very down to earth kinda guy.

    Go Broncos And nuggets

    Except for the fact that he’s from space, he’s drew freaking lightyear

    kc 3182x

    BS, he’s already got the “I’m famous attitude now”!


    @kc 3182x He is having fun with it. He said earlier in the week that this is the game that we all dream of playing since we were kids so why not have fun with it.
    Win or Lose, he is going to have this attitude. Don’t be so quick to label him as “famous” because of everyone in the past. Some people come through the system differently.

    Go Broncos And nuggets

    Said the chiefs fan


My friend knows this guy in real life. Great guy, infectious personality. The exact person you want as a franchise QB


Don’t allow the chiefs to beat us, shut them down, don’t make us lose be aggressive, and take the dub, Lock is way better than Patrick

    Samuel h.

    We just beat Tom Brady and the Patriots in New England😂

    Collin Roberts

    Hi I would like to say i love the Broncos but its only dress 2nd game its still to early to tell i love his play style but its too early


    @BrocktheBoxer Pup at the same time though, i think Mahomes can thank Tyreek Hill for making him look amazing at times. Just like how Gronk made Brady look godlike.

    Alex Hays

    AdmiralTwitchy except in the playoffs 💀

    Alex Hays

    Samuel h. So did the Texans a couple weeks ago and look what happend to themdummy😂

Boy Last

This one of the most Talented Broncos team in recent memory ❌🧢

Dayton June

you guys should put subtitles for when they ask questions. most of the time they are super quite. excited to watch lock this week tho


I would like one ☝️ of those sweatshirts.


    weaintfree same dude

    DJ X-tacy

    They are for sale on the Broncos website


    ReturnerV2. 👍🏻

    DJ x-tacy. EXCELLENT, I’ll have to check it out.
    (Maybe even Christmas 🎄 present to self)

    Bobby Parks

    To burn right?

    See Yourself Happy

    So get a job and buy one….

Unkn0wn Man

His confidence is Intoxicating

Scott Somkhit

He’s gonna have a game against the chiefs defense

    Alex Hays

    Scott Somkhit 20th ranked in the league and they only allow 23 less passing yards a game than the Texans if he plays smart he may have a shot

Bowhunter 1

Whatever it takes to be an NFL qb. He’s got it. Look for the broncos to return to greatness next season.

Saint #ColoradoVibes

Calm and collective I have faith in him 👌 let’s gets a win Denver!

No name

“Be super LOCKED in” yes yes you will be .

Shiba inu

Who remember week 2, 2015? Seconds left to play, smith hands off to charles “and the ball is out, picked up by broncos roby”?

    Ryan McAllister


    Cody McAlpin

    Our defense was so stout then. They won us so many games that year.

    Ryan Long

    Me and my friends went crazy!!!!


    Shiba inu we actually had a clutch DEFENSE. That’s a rare thing.

    Go Broncos And nuggets

    Yes the year I thought Roby was good


feel like this guy is the future for the broncos

Anthony Ramirez

Has that, “I’m star struck to be a starter” yet has so much confidence in his own ability. 31-28 Broncos!

Tanner Aitken

Love that he’s not getting a big head. He’s special

The Firmness

Chiefs fan here. Seems like you found a great QB. Great player and person. Good luck this Sunday.

    Mike Garcia

    Hey he’s from kc. So you guys can’t get mad if we win. Jk!!

    Joe Griego

    Heres hoping for a good, injury free game! GO BRONCOS!

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