Coach Fangio on Drew Lock facing the Chiefs: ‘He’s going to have to make some tough, correct reads’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Shrey Patel

were going to beat the chiefs
whoever thinks we are going to win leave a thumbs up.

    Just N/A

    as a Broncos Fan. The Chiefs Defense did improve than last year. Drew is not afraid and it’s gonna be back and forth. remember this was 2nd Game. if we do beat the chiefs…NFL needs to be afraid next year against us.

    Steven Soco

    Eugene M home, yes. Much better? No

    SlickLemons The Bad Gamer


    Marsha Quinn

    Even though of Drew lock has been in in Arrowhead before he’s a good player and the Chiefs defense has definitely improved but I don’t think you’ll be able to handle the noise down on the field there’s a difference between the noise in the stands and the noise down field

    Deaven Snyder


TheReel TravisScott

My Broncos will #BeatTheChiefs

Flippant Booch

that pass last week to tim patrick was a pass that even the best qbs cant/wont make in this league. speaks volumes on broncos qb


    I’m pumping the brakes on Drew, i believe in him but we will see as more games unfold. But man that pass made me so hype for his arm talent. Literally the PERFECT spot with ease. His arm reminds me of Aaron Rodgers, in the sense that he can just flick his wristband the ball goes 50 years to the basket

J Stevenson

Out of all the downsides to this season. Fangio has been awesome.

    Daniel Hulett

    His defense is full of holes

    Flippant Booch

    @Daniel Hulett its full a holes and no doubt he is working to fix that

    david wilkinson

    Fangio is doing a great job with the whole team we have a lack of talent and we are competitive every week

    Chase Wellner

    @Daniel Hulett that’s on the regime prior to him. For now

Nick TT

Vic keeps it real! It’s such a breathe of fresh air after dealing with VJ for 2 years.

    D K

    Ya this dude has the exact attitude I want from my coach. Could have been a good character on The Sopranos, but I’m glad he chose football

    Mile High Truth

    VJ gave everybody a compliment even when it was unwarranted. Kareem Jackson has amazing game. Vic: “He can be better!” Love it! Building a good culture here. Not to mention I think Vic is the perfect coach for Lock. Vic keeps him grounded from all the hype.


He said Lock will have to play KC every year, hopefully it’s with the Broncos!

    Ah Pook

    Looked like he stopped himself from saying too much

Ethan L

You know. That whole conference thing. Not a bad idea…


    Ya it’s weird to never think of that, we’re so accustomed to this division thing. Interesting ideas from the boss

    Austin Ryder

    Eastern conference vs western conference

Piet K

Ooo, that’s a statement:”he has to do it once a year now..”

    Slightly Above Average

    I caught that too. After he said it he kind of looked like I shouldn’t have said that.

    Piet K

    @Slightly Above Average Like about the same as when you catch your crush by saying that she has future plans with you after she kept distance to you during the first few dates 😀 Christmas Magic


    I wonder what flacco thought of that…😮

    Piet K

    Hell yes, let’s fly home 😀


Vic had to stop himself short when he talked about Drew going back to KC to play the Chiefs, “He’s going to have to do it for once a year now for…” Come on Vic, say it!

Piet K

Do you think it will help the league, having those new young faces like Lock and Mahomes? The hell with the league it helps the Broncos 😀

Justin Davis

The hell with the league it’s good for the Broncos That’s my coach

Mile High Truth

He slipped on Drew lock, “Hes gonna have to do it once a year now for….so” coach is thinking long term about lock. First mention of that.


Buzz light year to the rescue


I want a video of Drew explaining Toy Story to Vic, that would be hilarious..

Señor Lovato

I really like coach Fangio, never felt that way with coach Joseph. I’m excited for the future!!!

Michelle Swinson

I am so excited!!!!

SlickLemons The Bad Gamer

Drew Lock ❤ KC

Michael Felix

As a Steelers fan happy to broncos doing good as of late y’all have a good young group and hope nothing but the best btw you guys got a good one in sutton

Michael Crabtree

The wide recievers have to help the quarter back and get open so he can make the right reads. The broncos cant get blitzed gotta have pass protection.

Hog Farmer

I’ve brought up the exact idea several times. Play all teams in your conference one time and the top 6 are in.

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