Phillip Lindsay on #DENvsKC: ‘We need to find a way to win this game & start a streak for ourselves’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Bridget Schaan

Let’s go Broncos

Jace Olson

I love you guys keep on trucking

Gear Head

As a life long Denver fan, I’m ready for kc to be #2 in the west again!! Let’s make it happen!!! Go Broncos!!!!

David Alvarez

Drew lock lets go we finna bea the chiefs


Always enjoy this guy’s interviews. 👍🏻

Broncos Country

Let’s go 8-8 if we beat kc then we have Detroit at home then raiders at home we can win on the road I don’t see us having a problem with Detroit and we will get are revenge on the raiders but it starts on the road with beating kc and I believe we can do it let’s get that wild card at 8-8 playoffs or no playoffs we need that 8-8

    Str8 Enzo

    Totally agree. Im so JACKED for this game, i cant wait!

    Just N/A

    I would be a little concern about the lions but the Raiders will be easy in the end

Augustiniano Ortega

Philip Lindsay: LETS GO!

    Tam Almeda

    The dude is full of energy.

Mike Who

Philip is hungry to help make this team great.. Very honest & straightforward.. Gotta love this guy Energy!! Go Denver

The Birds My Word

I like Phillips energy

7 Shadows

Colorado born, Colorado raised such as myself! 🔶🔷🐴🤙🏽

Major Tom

Love to see the stadium half Missouri Black & Gold, how hilarious would that be ! Weather 28 with flurries, was hoping for a beautiful day to see these two young quarterbacks throw it all around the yard ! Waiting for this match up since draft day ! Have a great game Phillip !

Like Missouri, just read Drew Lock’s High School, Lee’s Summit, colors are Black & Gold, mascot the Tiger, yeah ! Wear his number & your colors, support Lock Sunday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Major Tom

    Like MIssori, just read Drew Lock’s High School colors, Lee Summit are Black & Gold, mascot the Tiger, yeah ! Wear his number & your colors, support Lock Sunday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Major Tom

Lindsay’s hair is wilder & cooler than Mahomes, another Bronco advantage this Sunday afternoon !!! Picking, well it’s an obvious pick, Broncos 45 Chiefs 23 .

    Shawn Edmond

    Let’s Go broncos

Shiba inu

Realize he said “Drew Brees”

    joshua pagan

    Right lol


    He said brings but I know I thought the same thing 😂

    Jordan Bostic

    Naw he said “Drew Brings a lot of energy” lol get an updated phone people…

Uso Penitentiary

Is it me or is Phil’s hair wilder than usual?

Just N/A

Von Miller is Woody. he sometimes wears a cowboy hat off the field

The Original Dizzy-D Michael Lavimodiere


Bowhunter 1

Lock has this whole team feeling like they can beat anybody , we got the talent just needed a qb. Now the broncos are dangerous.

Michael Crabtree

Gotta stop kc from blitzing and we need to have pass protection.

Anthony Ramirez

Lindsay is so well mannered and so well coach! He sounds like a head coach in this interview! Love my Broncos!!

Vincent DeBonis

i love this dude

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