Draft to Debut: A look back at a promising rookie season for Drew Lock – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Kezah Hall

Love broncos 🤍💪🏾

    Future Echo

    Always a Bronco

That's good sports is number one !!

Ye drew

Jacko Shmako11

I love the Denver broncos I’m literally wherein a tune jersey and I have a Denver jersey👍


Beginning of a Legacy………??

    Hugh Jass

    I hope

Jesse Williams

Next year is our year. Go Broncos.

    BrokemyKeyBoard aka sqiuppy Or kpg

    Jesse Williams hell yeah it is decent pick tons of cap we’re in a great position


    @BrokemyKeyBoard aka sqiuppy Or kpg yeah man we just need one more weapon like ruggs in the draft i mean count it – Fant – Lindsay – Sutton- all we need is another guy like sutton and we will have a elite offense to compliment our #1 redzone defense!!! and maybe fix our Oline a little bit more lmao

    Jonesy Cinq

    Kpng OL please


Buzz Lightyear to the rescue! 🍊💪🏽

    Stewart Sanchez

    OrangeCrushGang finally im feeling excited to watch a quaterback in denver again 😤lets goo broncosss

The Discussion

I’m a simple man. I see Drew Lock, I click.

Roman Sena

Let’s go Broncos

So SpunOut

I honestly feel we found the one!!

    Wayne Reynolds


    - -

    Yeah 4 years with nothing but now…


    Yes!! I’m definitely getting me a “Drew Lock” authentic jersey! LET’S GO DENVER BRONCOS‼️‼️

Shawn Edmond

Let’s Go broncos country


Go Denver!! From a chilean fan

Nordic Cholo

Great video! You guys in the Broncos’ media room don’t get enough credit for the masterpieces you put together!

Future Echo

You will reach the heights you dream of Drew. You’re a rock Lock and ready to roll. The season will take a toll but gather no moss even with a loss and you’ll become the parts of your sum. Great or fate aim to be the best but play the cards close to your chest.
Only you have the key to your destiny.👍

    Future Echo

    @Bronco Nation that’s how I feel. Ty👍

    Lukas Haase


    Bronco Nation

    Future Echo you’re welcome

    Jo Jo

    That’s a nice rap

    Future Echo

    @Jo Jo thanks although I prefer poetic projection. Similar states of being.👍

The Elite Duo

I have been a Broncos fan since 1999

    Cameron Clark

    I’ve been one since manning got there he is my favorite athlete of all time and I still love the colts and Broncos

    Jonesy Cinq

    i have been a Broncos fan since I was 7 years old when Elway got his first ring

    i was a packers fan but when i seen the broncos’ jerseys, i knew they were going to win.. My Dad told me “this is the last time you’re switching your team”, and I never did again

Guillermo Azuara

“What’s up, John? What’s going on, baby”… That’s a dude with confidence right there.

    Future Echo

    Yeah that was funny.


    You know what’s going on some big asd deal baby

Clinton Reisig

The answer to the QB question: That’s a Lock!

Clinton Reisig

Defense is #1 in The Red Zone. With a truly good offense, we will be contenders again.


    You better believe it baby!!!!

    Maxwell Vigil

    Fingers crossed

Aiden Karl

Drew you should rock the armsleve in the games. You look 🔥

    Richard Pasha

    Should definitely bring back the sleeve and visor.

Theory of Everything

“This kid, he gives you hope. I mean real hope.”
It gives us all real hope

Daily Dad

Y’all just tugging at our hearts knowing you had us at Lock.

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