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Locker Clean Out | 2019 Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks clean out their lockers and exchange jerseys, helmets, and footballs with teammates at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center to close out the 2019 season.

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Keep Clowney please Hawks

    asain persausion

    He is to dirty the Canadian women’s hockey team called him up


    @asain persausion he didn’t mean to… Idiot

    Skoden Fineden

    that be kool if they did resign him.

    DRUNK Squidward

    asain persausion u eat dirt


Good season💪🏾 have a good break

    asain persausion

    Don’t come back to this channel


    @asain persausion I’ll do if I want MY TEAM SO I SHOW MY SUPPORT

    Yochan Hwang

    @asain persausion can you f off already

    Dave the lighting guy

    This dude on every comment 😂

    asain persausion

    @ELI CHANNEL how they aren’t there anymore ?? Going to watch the grass grow 🤣🤣

Sam Dath

We need to try at least get past the 2nd round next season go hawks

    asain persausion

    You won’t 🤣🤣

    Puppygod Yt

    Sam Dath we would have if we had our o line and runnybacks back but be happy we went this far

    Yochan Hwang

    @asain persausion fukin troll.

Bring On The 12th Man

Can’t wait I love this team Go Hawks

    Bring On The 12th Man

    @asain persausion for the next season

    Yochan Hwang

    @asain persausion idiot

    asain persausion

    @Bring On The 12th Man there is no next season

    asain persausion

    @Yochan Hwang they kicked you all the chockers out


    asain persausion there waiting for next season lol they lost a playoff game doesn’t mean there out of the nfl 😂

Jose Juarez

Jackie Montgomery, I’m here to confess my love for you 😍😂

    asain persausion

    That’s my wife


    jackie thicccc


we will definitely be better next season #GOHAWKS #stillmyMVP see y’all next season, Peace ✌️

    asain persausion



    @asain persausion u a cowboys fan aren’t u cause……..

    asain persausion

    @Aces yeah a seachicken fan

    Turd Ferguson

    @asain persausion at least we r legit fans

Koski Co

Chris Carson is a Badass!
Whoopass next year!

    supreme savege boiii

    @asain persausion why you even checkin out the Seahawks

    Nick Allen

    @supreme savege boiii He’s bandwagon that’s why.

    supreme savege boiii

    @Nick Allen most likely

    DRUNK Squidward

    asain persausion haha u suck

    Reaper btw-

    @asain persausion u suck

Lynch's Revenge

Seahawks I love them. Next season will be even better 💙💚

    asain persausion

    No it won’t

Mehmet Yigit

Ifedi packing might be the best thing that happend



    Jakario TV

    Korie Creson that’s cool and all but he’s terrible we need another O lineman to replace him

    Semaj-Prophecto-Travista Barker

    We need one good o line men and that will get the other ones going

    Jalen ______

    Mehmet Yigit lol

Carlos Garcia

Cris Carson is a big time player without him it was bad even with lynch (even though he was a red zone threat)

    slick Rick

    Homer played good as a rookie


We need Byron Jones we can afford him please hawks or trade for Jamal Adams’s and upgrade the o line And keep the roster healthy and resign clownley

    Julián Q Zúñiga

    Deberían darle chance a Marquise Blair y Rashan Green mejor

    Donald Derrick

    would you like some fries with that?

    paco perez

    Yeah and Steffon Diggs and Patrick Mahomes in case Russel gets hurt.

    Seisman 75

    Fools who don’t think about salary cap smdh

    Dillon Buckingham

    Let’s also get Kahlil Mack and Aaron Donald. Oh and Jalen Ramsey and let’s get Earl Thomas back.

NC9 Cortez

I like that determination… go hawks

emmit brown

Thank you players, for fighting an uphill battle. To the coaches, all coaches! Get your heads outta your @$$es, or get the F out! Go Hawks! #FreeRussell


Its weird seeing Chris but I’m glad he’s back it was rough without him ha


I’m a seahawks fan but I’m expecting them to make it to the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP and lose next season. Considering they lost the divisional this season, lost wildcard last season, and lost the week 17 game that would’ve gotten them into the playoffs the season before that. “stair stepping”
Hopefully they make it to the superbowl instead.


    Need some major improvements to the offensive line, some pass rushers, and a corner or two if they wanna make the super bowl

    Ryan Staiger

    They had control of their fate too. They really messed up those last 2 weeks

    Daniel Keyser

    Even if they did make it to the SB they would probably throw an INT at the end and lose.


    actually for 2017 even if they won they wouldn’t have made it because the falcons needed to lose too

VenomStone 1.0

What season for a banged up team, better luck next year

    Ryan Staiger

    VenomStone 1.0 I know, people are way too critical, rather than praising what they accomplished

ThatJames Guy

I think Seattle should go after Troy Dye in the draft.

    Puppygod Yt

    ThatJames Guy from Oregon is he a senior I though he was a junior

    ThatJames Guy

    @Puppygod Yt senior, I think he is going to play in the senior bowl.
    He returned for final year and I think that was a big factor for Herbert returning also

The Twister

Maybe we can get obj or Jamal adams or maybe a good cb.

    Livingthat Twelvelife

    How crazy would it be if we could pull off Adams and Byron Jones? MAJOR upgrade to the secondary. Run Adams in the nickel as our base. That would be something.

Marco Lomeli

Let’s get Chris jones or Byron jones in the offseason

    GOlden St8

    Yeah and bench shaqil Griffin , he’s horrible man

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