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Chiefs vs. Titans | Six Stats to Know

Chiefs Reporter BJ Kissel gives you six stats to know as the Chiefs prepare for the Titans on Sunday in the AFC Championship game. #TENvsKC

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Big fan

Jaylen Hall

Like if the chiefs will beat the titans

    Travis Stoudt

    They won’t

    Greg Cracraft

    So one man ( Henry) against the entire Chiefs offense?? Mahomes, Hill, Kelcee, Hardman, Watkins, McCoy, Williams. I don’t think so. Titans only won last time from our turnovers and 2 of our top OLM were out. We had over 500 yds total that game. We are healthy now except for Jones. And we scored 51 points last week in 2 1/2 quarters!!

    cesar lopez

    you for sure don’t watch football

    Stoopid Vlogger

    Greg Cracraft don’t forget Mathieu! Tht kid developed nicely n will make some nice reads n tackles

    Nightlock YT

    Greg Cracraft Have you watched ANY Titans games? Because I don’t think it was Derrick Henry who got 2 interceptions last week. And I don’t think it is Henry who has the best passer rating for a QB in the NFL. Also, I don’t think it is Henry who is one of the best rookies of the year! If i’m not mistaken, those honors belong to Logan Ryan, Ryan Tannehill, and A. J. Brown respectively…

Donnie Couch

Let’s get this.

xz marshmello zx

Chiefs are going to the SB and winning!!!! Let’s go Chiefs Kingdom

    xz marshmello zx

    Jake Minder we will

    M R

    Yall gotta tackle king henry first lol. I just want a good game tbh. I love both teams

    Jacrispie Jackson

    xz marshmello zx *Henry has entered the chat*

    xz marshmello zx

    Jacrispie Jackson we will still *DESTROY*

noah soto

We going to the super bowl no cap

Jammmz Squad

First comment. Love the Chiefs



Royals Fan

Kansas CIty Chiefs Baby lets go Chiefs

Maddox Smith

Please chiefs get this win


Boom beat the houston’s

KING aKa Hyper

These stats are so good man

Mark E.

I’m so nervous for KC with this game! It’s going to be a hard fought battle! If Chiefs can beat the Titans, they can beat any other team! I feel like Titans are the best team to beat AFTER the Chiefs!


    Uhm… maybe for AFC. But that seems like a stretch to me.

    Jacrispie Jackson

    Dudebug nah chiefs and titans definitely best teams in the league. Whoever wins this game will win the super bowl probably. If titans go to super bowl the other team if fucked packers and 49ers have trash run defense

    Ari Williams

    That is a stretch Tennessee is a good team but definitely the weakest team out of the other 3 contenders

Bryon Letterman

This game has me as nervous as last year’s, but only because of Henry.

    Butch Davis

    Well it’s the afccg it’s a big one. You’re not supposed to sleep walk through it…besides it’s a best case scenario match up in every sense of the word

pounder forgot

I’m so scared bro ..

    Thereal CrunchyTacos1234

    Strength is the only thing that matters in this world,everything else is just a delusion for the weak!
    ~ Prince Vegeta

Devil’s Advocate

They majority of the Titans fans are talking like Mahomes and the rest of the amazing Chiefs team is a bunch a nobody’s. As if they are a last placed team with the worst ranked offense.
They are talking as if they’ve won 6 Super Bowls and are currently at the parade for their 7th. It’s unbelievable. They need to be humbled, big time and be reminded that they are not the Patriots fanbase and to stfu.

    N M

    That’s more like chiefs fans but whatever makes you sleep better at night. #TitanUp


    @Jacrispie Jackson fair point, but at least the Chiefs won a SB, tbf.


    @N M Tbf, you guys have to cling on to the fact that the Titans have beaten the Chiefs in the past to have more confidence. What fans have you heard?

    Jacrispie Jackson

    KGOODE804 you’ve won 1. 50 years ago. You’ve been a team that long and only have one. Not something to be proud about


    @Jacrispie Jackson true, but it doesn’t matter how long ago it was. True, I’m not proud of having just one, but we can still call ourselves a SB champion. If we were like the Lions, Bengals, or the Titans for that matter, who don’t have one at all, it’d be different, tbf

Dunkilo S

Could it be the racoon under Henry’s helmet that causes him to plow thru defenders?
Could it be time for a good ol’ raccon hunt Sunday?

    Dunkilo S

    Time for the NFL to look into PEMs!
    Perfomance Enhancing Mammels!!

Moose*MC*animates !!

I need Andy to get a SB so everyone stops calling him a failure just cause he doesn’t have a superbowl

    Egg Shell

    Moose*MC*animates !! Not a fan of the chiefs but to be fair Alex smith was the QB for awhile who didn’t do well in the playoff Mahomes seems to not feel pressure which is good

Jacrispie Jackson

These stats favor the titans

RamblinroseDigger Winton

I believe the Chiefs are gonna shock all the nay sayers out there!

Alexia Is On Fire

Tennessee has been playing great lately but their journey stops this Sunday, our offense is going to put on another show and we are going to the super bowl, I’ve been saying it all year long 😌

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