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First time I can watch giants highlights in 3 months 😂


    J W seriously 😂😂😂

    dm gib

    You’re crazy! Watching Daniel Jones was the one thing that made Giants games tolerable after years boredom, with a QB that played like his feet were in cement. I’ll always like Eli for the 2 superbowls, but I’ve seen enough of him. The Dolphins looked like they actually had a worse defense than us, so is saying something, but let’s not get carried away with this 3 interception performance. It was a nice farewell, but let’s move on.

    rich 1853

    Me too

    Karynn Hardy

    You and me both 😂😂

Shortest SB Champion QB

Press F to pay respects to Eli Manning’s great career in NY


    F For Eli Manning and his career as a NY Giant. And F for me is the F in HOF, even if he won’t be in it or doesn’t deserve it because he didn’t he have HOF numbers to back him up. But has something that probably no other will have. Two SB over the supposed GOAT Tom Brady and his Patriots! #Big Blue4Life!!!

    Justin Hughes


    jesus loya


    Aaron_Rodgers Throws_Touchdowns


    Mboko Furniture

    1. Fire the coach for benching Eli; you disrespected him big time
    2. Eli should retire
    3. Time for a younger QB.


Me: Oh good, another Tank Bowl.

Eli: Tank Bowl? This is my Superbowl to get .500. 😎👍

    ThatOneGuy 123

    MafiaboysWorld I never said the Giants wasn’t trash😂. Of course Eli retiring😂. Danny is the truth and I promise he hoist AT LEAST two Lombardi’s. Keep chatting🤣


    @ThatOneGuy 123 No need. You understand that post season is different to regular season now, that’s why you started barking about being jealous about Eli’s rings and such. 😂🤣 Checkmate. 😎

    America Reigns


    Kube Dog

    He got to .500 by beating his next team.

    Devin Jerry

    ThatOneGuy 123 that’s his overall record are you guys slow?


Considering how bad the giants are this year, their stadium was full


    Tickets were cheap, not bad weather, and Eli.

    Brian Gonzales

    Imagine when we get good again

    Dayne Insayne

    Eli was starting.


    Well they ain’t the Seahawks

    America Reigns

    Mostly drug dealers and prostitutes

Brandon Oki

I’m happy asf for Eli, but some of these Giants fans disgusting asf being actually mad because we’re suppose to be tanking for chase young. Respect the legacy Eli has and all he has done for the Giants Organization.

    Stick Talk Gorilla

    Don’t y’all about my Giants unless you’re a fan!!

    Brandon Oki

    Kali Der Löwe thats not my point at all. He’s injured at the moment. Giants fans don’t respect Eli the way they should especially for his most likely final game if Jones comes back. Eli brought this franchise his endurance and class alongside two super bowls. The energy of a lot of Giants fans just disgust me. It has nothing to do with us having Jones or not.

    godsown angelmena

    In the first half they struggle but in the second half they turn it around but for order for them to be a good defense they to keep playing like they did in the second half but your right about coach he needs to go even Eli struggling at times because of pat shurnar

    godsown angelmena

    @brother xela I know they they are but the eagles let up 37 points anainst them but but the Giants were able to dominate in the second half I agree with you pat shurnar need to go even Eli Mann in struggling in the first half because of the coach but other then that I think we got talent on both sides of the ball just need to stay consistent

    True Conservative

    Im not giants fan but respect the man, happy for him.

Nick Webster

I saw the whole game, I’m just here to like and say Eli is a Hall of Famer. Drinks on me, GOAT

    samario good


    Derek Jeter

    Joseph Schmoeger c

    I am the Senate

    Omega8kilo he’s in top 10 in all stats

    bobby lite

    hall of whatthe f…. are you talking about i am a diehard giants fan and i must say 116-116 is not hall of fame material thats 2 superbowl wins he had more int that touchdowns, hall of fame he is not notable mention yes


    You could argue he is the goat. He beat the GREATEST CHEATERS OF ALL TIME on the biggest stage in football. TWICE.

U G L Y squaad

If only they played like this all year🤦

    Alex Mercer

    “Every team looks great against the Dolphins.”

    *The Eagles have left the chat*

    L.B. Hughes

    That O-Line is horrible lol

    Keenan Nash

    Pretty sure their “good” play has more to do with their opponents than anything else.

    Julian foolian

    If only they played the Dolphins all year

    Isaiah Ling

    ITRY you literally don’t know anything about what you are talking about and it shows. You seriously think Lawrence is a bad pick. You actuallly think every DT is meant to be as impactful as aaron Donald, you do realize that man could play edge if he wanted to right? You think fletcher cox gets a sack every game? No. DT is meant to CREATE PRESSURE in the pocket. You think he’s a bad pick Even tho he is the top 3 ranked rookie in the league on PFF, clearly he’s doing what he’s meant to be doing moron. That just renders everything else you said, irrelevant. You don’t know football. Ryan Connelly was also ranked above 90 on PFF for each week he played before the ACL tear. Yet, he’s not a good pick. Just shut up dude, it actually makes me laugh how people like you genuinely believe they know anything about football.

Jay Bray

That hit by Ogletree sounded like a coconut hitting someone’s head lmao


    Fortunately not a helmet to helmet collision, or that could’ve been bad. The much bigger recent problem for “soft” calls is on roughing the passer.

    Papito Diaz

    lmao 8:50



    Papito Diaz

    im surprised fitz wasnt seriously hurt

    ShadyShadow x1x

    When you avoid sliding thats exactly what happens. Skull crusher hit!


Eli beat undefeated patriots twice.. remember the under dogs

    mark woo

    jollygamerguy they weren’t undefeated both times


    This kid doesnt know ball. One time undefeated. Defense played a major role. It wasnt a shoot out kid.

    Shola Bolaji

    It was only one time off that was a huge win for em


    @ITRY L


    To be fair his defense held Patriots under 20 points both times, if other defenses did that then Russell Wilson, Matt Ryan, Jake Delhomme and McNabb also beat Tom Brady in superbowl.


It has been rough for the Giants. Finally a W.


How many times did the giants break dolphin players ankles 😂

    Yannis Barrientos

    That saquan one on Needham almost broke my ankles.

Amazing Guy

It’s been so long since we could enjoy a win.


He gave us hope when we were facing the greatest of all time, Brady, twice. Manning will go down in history who defeated Brady in his prime. How can it get better?

    Al Rivers

    @Sumting Wong a lot of cheating going on with that team

    Luis Flores

    Sumting Wong Brady lost to a team that stumbled itself into two Super Bowl victories.

    Virginia Cavs

    @Sumting Wong system qb

    Alex Mercer

    Eli is a permanent stain on Brady’s legacy

    The Drizzle

    Brady…greatest? Having grown up watching Marino, Moon, Elway, Montana, Cunningham, Young, Favre, etc., It’s mad disrespectful to true greats that a cheater/member of cheating team gets a “greatest” label.

    I’ll give Brady credit, he’s nice with it, but he’s got a cheaters legacy in my book. His success is tarnished, but swept under the rug by the league & media. It is what it is & he’s still got his rings so that’s that hahaha!

    Props to Eli, not a Hall of Famer but definitely a good QB when he had his moments

Big Blue

Eli “Easy E” Manning

    Amazing Guy

    Easy E and Danny Dimes

    Da Sports Fan

    I thought I was you for a second
    That darn pfp

    Anno Domini

    Everyone Loves Interceptions…ELI

    Good Bye

    *Easy L

Aero FPV

Barkley is a different player when Eli is behind the snap.

    Nash Scheber

    Nah Barkley has been played injured. Since week 7 . He started looking good week 13 but you can tell he wasn’t 100% yet but the eagles game he was,and this game he was and now he is starting to gain confidence again after having such a big year and have a injury week 3 and return way to early in week 7 and finally coming back to his true form this game .


    Nash Scheber nope, daniel jones doesnt know how to control the oline

Miami AD

Lets be real eli never had the best talent around him


    I’m still waiting for a WR to leave and do better than they did catching balls from Eli. Steve Smith, OBJ, etc.


    @drapdv I mean, OBJ went to a guy who is actually playing worse than Eli. If he left in free agency, it’s fair enough. He was traded somewhere it would not be easy to succeed.

    corban Starkey

    @drapdv Cruz might have but his career ended with injury’s

Ethan Jones

I don’t care what anyone says, I love Eli Manning and he’ll always be the best quarterback in our franchise’s history.

    Alex Mercer

    Sometimes I wish we kept Rivers but I think only Eli was capable of defeating the 18-0 Pats


    I agree dude. Eli!


    @Alex Mercer I hear yea.


“I Believe in Eli”


    We will always believe in Eli.

    Big Reiner

    3 picks

    R O

    @Big Reiner and he still got the W …

EB Sharp

I was there this sendoff for Eli was so emotional 😭🐐


    EB Sharp I was there too I am only 12 and I didn’t want him to go he has been there my whole life

    Mark Bailey

    @CHEESE MASTER ok cheese master. Lol

    Papito Diaz

    EB Sharp eli sucks lmao, yall got the wrong manning

General Grievous

You cant spell “greatest giant of all time” without ELI MANNING

Edit: lawrence taylor is one of the greatest giant of all time but as a defensive player new nfl fans seem to underrate most classic defensive players like him. And new fans probably don’t even know him, so i picked eli for people to not get confused.

    matthew f


    shalin khalif

    Lawrence taylor,then manning ,MAYBE!!

    Keenan Nash

    LT is by far the greatest Giant ever… he is arguably the greatest football player ever while manning isnt even in the discussion for top 10 all time at his position… doesnt Mayer if the fans are young or old, anyone can see LT was a greater player.

    Dante Haskell

    General Grievous larance is the greatest

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