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Kiran Chintapalli

Winston was great in this game. Just one INT.

    I am the Senate

    Sim ? Winston literally puts up stats everyweek and these are Floridans for you toxic people


    @Tuomas Kallio 10 of 24 came in 2 games, 13 of 24 in 3 games. Yeah, he has his fair share of games. But still with a good defense, less pressure, he would improve.

    G 37

    @Tuomas Kallio but mahomes has a run game, and so does Russell Wilson, so they dont have to throw it as much

    Tuomas Kallio

    @Kimbo Slice wilson for example has thrown 12 picks in the last two years with 872 passing attempts and jameis has thrown 24 this year with 554 attempts. Yes Jameis makes a lot of plays, i never said he isn’t good but right now he is not elite like russell wilson or patrick mahomes for example. That was my point

    Kimbo Slice

    @Tuomas Kallio my point is KC has one of the best o lines in the league put JW behind that line its 500 a game


Player of the game: Jameis Winston. History was made today. Most passing yards in the 1st quarter since Manning in ’04, broke his own franchise passing record, only 2 players to avg 300+ passing yards per game and 20+ INTs is he and Kurt Warner in his mvp season and oh yeah, all time record holder of having 2 consecutive 450+ yard games. He needs 427 yards to reach 5000 yards


    @TAMPA2TIMES 1 compare the accomplishments. Seriously. 458 yards 4tds and 1 int.

    Motorcityman Man

    Its against Detroit it doesn’t count.

    Mr. Raphael

    OGbobbyjohnson85 I hope that comment is a joke . Yeah he has 31 TDS but he also has 29 turnovers. Would have more if his offense didn’t recover 7 of his 12 fumbles to go along with 24 INTs. He’s a turnover machine


    @Motorcityman Man let me check the record books 🧐📖. It counts!


    @Mr. Raphael TD Machine too ☕

Marc Scott

Winston by far is the most confusing QB of the NFL lmao.

    Corey Garcia

    @Zach Drehmann Oh sorry you are correct.

    That brings his total to 40 touchdowns, because he still has 33 passing touchdowns, which is still more than Jameis, which was my point all along.

    BrAD Strayer

    @sandman1347 agreed dude is a ridiculous passer. In the pocket or on the run. And has a great deep ball.

    John Boehmer

    @mrblackbird1254 , rework this anyway you want, you will never be considered a great quarterback if you throw two or three interceptions every game. The Brett Favre comparison is valid until you consider that he got away with the gun-slinging the majority of his career, that he only averaged about one interception per game until the last 3 years or so, he got away with the gambling for the most part. Of course Winston can always improve and become a great quarterback come on you simply can’t call him great based upon his body of work to date is all I’m saying.

    Stuart Ferguson

    He an enigma for sure.

Rawle Springer

We better dam well resign Godwin


    If it’s his final contract season

    alex o

    @Gwrightproductions1 not Intel the end of next year but its better to do it now before he becomes more expensive


    @Gwrightproductions1 You can extend a draft pick after they have 3 years in the league, as soon as the season is done Godwin is eligible for an extension and damn sure better have one waiting for him ASAP, his price tag is only gonna sky rocket the more he balls out.

    BrAD Strayer

    Next great reciever him and perriman.

Moose Knuckle

He throws an interception to power up his skills for the rest of the game. Its strategy!


    Just needs to get the pick out of his system. Like Favre.


    Jameis just needs that Saiyan zenkai boost on the first possession to come back stronger.

    K Pax

    At this point you cant argue with it. He still puts up good stats averaging a turnover

    Milli Macro

    After his sixth interception, he can snap his fingers and dissolve half the nfls defense

    ferdi 25

    Better at the beginning of the game than at the end

Joseph Peralta

Jameis: *Only throws 1 int*

Detroit: “Thats illegal!”

saviron hipps

Love how ppl are ppl are saying imagine if lol yall fail to see we have no oline our run game is weak and our secondary struggled the whole year its not just Winston yall listen to the media every word and believe it


    Dude needs the hero ball coached out of him, but he also needs to be able to consistently trust his O-line/run game and D/ST which he really hasn’t been able to since he’s been in the league.

    saviron hipps

    @OneBucPerson exactly the team starts from the top down ppl forget that Jason licht refuses to adress the oline for the past years and our run game. Colts aren’t a great team but their solid they’re oline is very dependable if Winston had that line and a average run game he wouldn’t be trying so hard

    T Jones

    Thank you I been saying the same thing all year. People just keep trying to put the blame on Winston

    A A

    Cutlass Quartermane hes also thrown the ball more than any othe QB in that time. Hes also thrown the ball down the field more than any other QB in that time… Still not as turnover prone as Peyton Manning was in their first 5 seasons.


    No run game, how does any team win like that? The hate for Winston is unreal #ThatsMyQB

Christian Prendergast

If only matt gay didn’t miss that kick against N.Y.giants

    I am the Senate

    Jack Bowers conference record

    Evan Mitsakis

    And if they didn’t get screwed over against the titans

    darren “i lost custody” roberts

    You’re still in the playoff hunt. You just have to win out and you’re most likely in. You have the head to head over the Rams and the bears gotta play the Vikings and chiefs still. Dallas isn’t doing any better than 8-8 and if the bucs win out then you’re in.

    Mommy Dolly

    Lol what about Matt nailing all those other kicks….oh that doesn’t count right? More like if Winston didn’t throw a million interceptions!


    Or the refs didn’t cheat us the Titans game recovery td

Allan Hernandez

Jamies’ stats are rookie mode in madden type

ken lounders

Some of his interceptions have been from smart defensive plays. Winston did a great job. He deserves respect. Hope he continues to grow


    Preach brother!👍


For some reason I feel like the ints are helping Winston make new fans lmao. People are drawn to the fact that hes a gunslinger regardless of the picks.

    Musa Fawundu


    Cutler won more than Winston has so far…

    Winston has passing yards over him, but that’s a lot to do with the scheme and the play calling of the Coaches

    By your own arguments then, Winston is a bum.


    @Musa Fawundu He’s a second-coming of Favre. Just hut it & chuck it

    Musa Fawundu


    He plays like Favre, though without much success in wins . That is not entirely his fault, but the Bucs this season have won and lost a great deal because of him and arguably mostly because of him.

    Kyle Mosrie

    Musa Fawundu jay cutler had 4 winning seasons in 13 years. Let’s not act like he actually had a defense in those winning seasons, and in those 4 years only 1 season he had 25+ tds. Cutler was terrible

    Musa Fawundu

    @Kyle Mosrie

    Cutler was average for most of his career during the league. One should compare him and his performances, his QB and passer rating to those who played at the time when he was a player. He was overall average.

    Cutler had three seasons in which he passed for 25 or more touchdowns. 2008, 2009, and 2014. He did have three seasons in which he played in just 11, 10, and 5 games respectively.

    The Jay Cutler comparison with Jameis Winston is apt. Both are strong armed gunslingers who are unafraid to take risks and there make great plays, but also that results in many interceptions. And neither have had much playoff success, with Winston in fact NEVER having made the playoffs in five seasons.

    If Jay Cutler was terrible in his career, then Winston has been terrible too by the same standard.

Justin Tague

Lets go, the one week I put Winston as my starter in Fantasy he does this.

    NMJ 88

    You’ve been missing out he’s been given me great numbers for weeks now. I don’t care how many pics he throws he makes up for it in touchdowns.


    Winston is a fantastic fantasy QB, more dodgy irl but he makes things interesting.


    You late bro


Jameis is must watch TV , only 25, reminds me of Eli and Brett favre, his arm will win you or lose you the game.

    A A

    YKTV YOUKNOWTHEVIBES TV if he gets hot at the right time he can win a superbowl


    @A A right answer, look at the throws he makes. All over the field every area you could possibly want a pocket QB to make a throw.

    Daniel Cha

    Eli? really?


    @Daniel Cha Eli won two


lmao I made a joke the other day that Jameis should just get the interceptions out of his system and throw it on the first drive every game and then go and throw for 400 yards……..and then he does exactly that. wtf Jameis lol.


    He must have heard your joke and thought it was a good idea. Works for me😂


    If it helps him win then why not. Just go *FULL Brett Favre* every game

    Kevin Jr.

    The Detroit Lions should’ve just rage quit lmao

darknight307 Pagán

*Jameis throws an interception on first drive*

Jamies: *Mission accomplished*

*throws 458 yards 4 td*

    Tee Gee

    Lol, I guess

    jt thomas

    his int’s are tributes to the football gods.

    Jo el


    Ryan Kipnis

    But actually lol

    John Kinney

    It wouldn’t be a game with Jameis without a pick. He’s thrown 30tds, and 24 picks (most in league).

DJP Influx

The Bucs running game is so bad that they have to throw late in in the 4th quarter with a 2 score lead.

    Kobe Jamez

    It’s the o line run block Ronald Jones decent they just not a good line

    elder reid

    DJP Influx yah check the rushing stats throughout the first 10-12 games… they were actually good.


    @elder reid No, we were not. We never even got out of the bottom 5 in yards per carry.

    Austrian Painter Hiding From The Algorithm

    Remember those Cadillac Williams days…. I miss those.


Jameis is like steroids for recievers.


Jameis Winston is now leading the league in passing yards, INTs, total turnovers, and is only 2nd to Lamar Jackson in both passing TDs and total TDs…just an absolute enigma of a player.

    Thomas Walker

    I used to run 5 miles a day to maintain my fitness, then I became a Buccs fan. Thanks Jameis, you’re all the cardio I need.

    Jack Salonsky

    He is absolutely awful and all his stats are garbage time stats when they are losing by 21

    G 37

    @Jack Salonsky your dumb, you must not have watched his highlights this year

    Crispy Chris

    Ok but if he ends up leading the league in TDs he will be leading it in everything, good and bad, perfectly balanced…as all things should be

Sammy Angel

Jamies was surgical today. He’s having a better season that people are giving him credit for

    rickyz shoortz

    2 ez to meme out

Rahul Vikram

Jameis Winston be like
5000 passing yards
50 TDs
50 INTs

    Jo el


    Ryan Kipnis

    Rahul Vikram 😂

    limesha swanson

    As a bucs fan this is sooo accurate LOL

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