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T-Wolf 1

The Bears almost got that lateral play at the end

    dominoz back

    Almost doesn’t count. They lost.

    Will Mason

    @dominoz back watching from a far loss is a loss….from a Niners fan

    Joe B

    @JaDeD dRaGoN Garbage time!?! That was a garbage comment.

    mega cx

    That funny little word losers use… ALMOST =)

    Enrique I

    @Will mason
    My respect to niners as well and yes Rodgers is unpredictable. He has said it, he likes to play under pressure and mostly with 2 min. Remaining in the game.

Alex Holt

That call on Patterson on the punt really changed the whole game

    Matthew B.

    @Alex Holt you dont even know the call I’m talking about and say it wasnt as big of a call. If you watched the game you know the call I’m talking about. It was as big of a call, because the packers had to punt, they would have been in bear territory and you already know what AR doing. On the flip side you dont know what trubisky doing, especially when GB d was stopping them all day for losses! Two missed calls that even out. Packers are better than the bears. The packers are going to the playoffs the bears never had a chance 🤪😢😭😭😭

    Alex Holt

    Matthew B. Can you give me a time stamp of the call?

    Matthew B.

    @Alex Holt it was in the first half

    Alex Holt

    Matthew B. Was it the play at 2:40? Because that isn’t a horrible no call. Nothing egregious there. It could have been called, but it definitely wasn’t on the same level as the call on Patterson.

    Matthew B.

    @Alex Holt lmao no it wasnt. I dont get my information from a 10minute video. I watch the full game. Here’s the full game
    I’m at work cant watch it to find exact time. It was deff early 2nd quarter or first quarter. You’ll know because the announcer will show the replay and even say ya that was PI


I have a bad feeling that the Packers are going to break their fans hearts in the playoffs. This team doesn’t look like a team that can make it to the Superbowl.

    Delusion is an Illusion

    @TheBaronVSP Ravens are AFC

    Delusion is an Illusion

    @cpk1994 Not a fan out there? Forget about 2010? Wtf are u even talking about

    Delusion is an Illusion

    @My name is Connor lmfao we’ll see buddy. We’ll see


    Delusion is an Illusion lol facts these teams bout to go through the lions den and get ate up like people really think every game is gonna be a blow out they’re delusional

Liam Donovan

Who thought they were gonna score with 00

    Devin Jerry

    Liam Donovan Horstead should have pitched it back to Cohen

    Insane Grey

    @Devin Jerry robinson*

    Joe B

    Allen Robinson would’ve scored the touchdown!

    Vir Quisque Vir

    Liam Donovan – Every NFL team needs a rugby coach to teach the players an effective formation for laterals. Good laterals at the right time could win many games. I don’t understand why more teams don’t take advantage of this rule.

    Champ Solo

    @Devin Jerry yeah he should’ve pitched it but I feel Robinson still had a chance to hustle after the ball and muscle his way in.

Lexington Leffall

This almost turned into “The Lateral at Lambaeu

    Mohab Galal

    “You might as well get the cal band on the field”

    Ignacio Cortes

    Josh Edmonds, a W is a W. Packers are playing it smart. We haven’t been this healthy this far out into the season in a long time. Relax

Khii SG

We can all agree this was way better than week 1 at least

    Alexander Rzepecki

    Dont worry, support will be there for the Packers when they need it. Go pack Go!

    McSkeetah TheCheetoCheetah

    Intellectual One Aaron Rodgers is one of the goats gtfoh…

    Intellectual One

    @McSkeetah TheCheetoCheetah Aaron Rodgers is one of the GOATS?? 😂😂😂 That’s funny. Tell more jokes.

    Sergio Moralez

    Intellectual One He is even the announcers say it stay mad Gopackgo

Matt P

If only Horsted lateraled it…

    You You

    Knowing the bears, they wouldn’t have converted the 2 points anyway.

    Vito Andollini

    He had one player behind him on his right side and another potential blocker in front of that player


    Do you have a clip of that? I didn’t get a chance to see it and it’s not in any of the highlight videos.

    Joe B

    @neotheden 11:03 The last play of the game. #49 should’ve lateraled it to #12 for the touchdown.


    No, I’m talking about @Elite_Clone24’s comment “If only mvs caught the first pass of the game…”. That’s the one I want to see a clip off.

Cole Bayer

I am convinced that the Packers will cause me to have a heart attack one day


    Lamuel J Sackson Forget what he said but you can’t predict the future. Any given Sunday. Playoffs are a different animal.

    Nameless Chaos Alliance

    Why? Lmao.

    It’s a divisional opponent, playoff implications, in Lambeau.

    Refs won’t let you lose.

    chris guido

    they will certainly contribute if god forbid, you do


    Seahawks fans: First time?

    Chris Bryden

    You’ve got nothing to worry about. When rodgers cant save you the officials will.


That last play was starting to remind me of the Patriots-Dolphins game last season.

    Clip Central

    Iron Man Gaming i see you know Grossi 😂

    All Hail Rodgers

    Iron Man Gaming I would’ve brought out the radio bath

    Mr. #50

    ProteanGreninja I think it would’ve worked too if Cohen threw it to Miller.

    MiketheYung God

    ProteanGreninja cry baby.


    @MiketheYung God How so lol? That was a pretty random insult.


All #49 had to do was pitch it to Robinson and he walks in.


10:45…how is nobody talking about how high Alexander got up there to try and make the catch??

    Seli Rainey

    He could’ve got it but savage was kinda in the way

    Fernanda Brito

    I was like: WTF when I saw that 😂😂😂

    Aliza Ibarra

    If he hadn’t had tried going for the int the other corner was most likely going to have the int but Alexander body stopped his momentum of going up oh well

    Delusion is an Illusion

    Yeah he went up.

James Ditmars

That Lateral was scary af

    mega cx


    Alex Park

    @JimBobWay must be a new fan of the pack

    12 Go

    Alex Park man what you said 😂😭 he couldn’t be .like what was the bears was going to do to the packers when the packers had 21 to the bears 13 which meant even if the bears scored a touchdown they had better go for a 2 point conversation and all of that work just to tie with the packers into overtime is even a more stupid successful decision when the packers are experienced in winning in late overtimes

    12 Go

    Alex Park that was a cold comment @jimbobWay Must be a new fan of the pack

    Yep he’s fresh

    Champ Solo

    I remember my Saints did it against the jags and the kicker missed the xp.

Kevin Payton

Another lateral and the Bears might have scored. Oh well

    Chris Harrison

    Kevin Payton

    Still would have to make the 2 point conversion to tie.

    Kevin Payton

    @Chris Harrison Yeah, you’re right.

Mirza Baig

Oh my God if Horsted sees Robinson or Miller trailing him it’s a touchdown.

    Jfamily Online

    @Joey Roberts how many did Rodgers throw?

    Logan Schroeder

    No doubt. The Packers left the sideline available there. Honestly this wasn’t a bad idea by the Bears as opposed to a Hail Mary because I bet there’s never practice on these crazy lateral plays. You might just get a defensive breakdown.

    Burning Dan

    and they are still down by 2

    Mirza Baig

    @Jfamily Online one was a hail Mary it happens. The one to the Defensive tackle I give you was bad. But in reality Mitch was on target all day long. Defensive lapses lost us that game

    Louis Napolitano

    Mirza Baig Mitch was not on target all day long. He had a bunch of huge misses to keep drives alive with throws too wide or too low. Granted, he didn’t let those phase him and came back swinging hard, but to say he was in target all day is wrong

Josh S.

I love how both sides went for 4th down conversions alot


    Lots of teams are doing that now…. that as well as the 2 point conversions. At first, those were no go plays unless u absolutely had to

    James Gurley

    @Ch33zyBreadTrellie it was also 10 degrees. Footballs dont travel far. 40 yards was probably max for both sides. Neither kicker was hitting the endzone on kickoffs and both can hit the back on a warmer day.

    Blk Pig

    Screams of the Ol’Gridiron days.

    nicole bertrand

    Plus it wouldn’t have been a big deal. They would have still needed a points and overtime

the man

Wow what a heart-breaking last two plays (and I’m not even a Bears fan)

mark b

Packers Play Caller: So, how many 4th down conversions do you want to go for today?

Packers: Yes


    This was the entire nfl memo this week. Bears, Patriots and Bengals all did it.

    Seli Rainey

    I was getting so aggravated


    Rodgers has a big sack.

    Lord Martier III

    They went for it so much cause it was super cold out

    Cameron Shutwell

    @Seli Rainey it was to cold to kick it far -_-

Aaron Seidl

That moment when Dean Lowry has better hands than the Packers secondary 😂

    Dr3aM WorX

    facts, savage shouldve had 2 picks, and amos was in perfect position to get the pick off a deflection

    Lil D

    And the receiving core. Tae had himself a day, but drops also

    Aaron Seidl

    Alexander has had stone hands all season too. That guy should have at least 5-6 picks by now.

    mega cx


Breakglass Dawkins

Double doink and haven’t been the same since

    Matt Hix

    Discount double doink

    Breakglass Dawkins

    @Matt Hixthat’s great. Lol

Juan Pinedo Allerand

Crosby and Pinero: Finally we get to kick a field goal
Matt Nagy and Lefleur: We don’t do that here

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