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Kiran Chintapalli

Cowboys or Eagles?
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Comment: Cowboys

    Clark England

    Kiran Chintapalli cowboys


    BlueOrBlew As an eagles fan I couldn’t agree more.

    Emad Mohamed

    Eagles are better than Cowboys

    Rhyheem Rushing


Hawesio _7

The percentage of winning the game was flipping every quarter

    John Gotti

    philly_ sports exactly why those percentages don’t mean a damn thing.

    Tired Old Man

    @Mike Conville Really? Its almost 2020. Take down your rebel flag and join the rest of the world!

    Tired Old Man

    @Chrs rAKL He probably wore it during the game!


    yeah it was crazy. it jumped from 30% to 96%

    Lil Nip

    Mike Conville Wilson, Mahomes, Cam, Jackson, Watson would all beat the eagles

Lexington Leffall

EDP so happy about this win that he started crying lmao

    Jarrett Caradine

    That’s the reason why I came here

    Kube Dog

    I don’t like the Eagles, but I’m cheering hard for them to keep Dallas out of the playoffs.

    Smickleberry Productions

    Ik right?😂

    Dominic Viera

    Lexington Leffall he’s crying because he dedicated this win to his dead mom…


Greg Ward looking good today

    Juan Cortez

    Knez he would always beat Patrick mahones in high school he was 20 min away and played them whitehouse vs John Tyler


    @Camden Keefer cause they suck at noticing talent! I was begging for them to give Scott more touches. Dude is a sproles clone. It’s sad it took for players who weren’t doing well to get hurt for them to put them on the field. And where is marken mikel???


    Bro we probably would have a better record if Ward was in there instead of Trash Hollins


    @layzer80 unlike agholor lol


    @Juan Cortez Mahomes tweeted about it https://twitter.com/PatrickMahomes/status/1206365639868403713?s=19

King Uzi TV

Probably the redskins best game of the year 💯

    Reginald Mayes

    Also the opening season game against the eagles lol


    Camden Keefer 😭😅😂 fr, bruh sooooo many missed tackles, alwayyyys

    Tristan Catlett

    @Jason Strom Blame Jim Schwartz. Got some defensive coaching to change.


    Honestly a win for both teams. Redskins get a higher pick, and see some serious potential in their team and the Eagles get closer to the playoffs. If I am a fan of both teams, I am happy.

    Desmond Williams

    That’s what I said I can’t even be mad lol we 3 and 11 and still playing better than the beginning of this season

Blue Skeptic

Nothing ever comes easy for this Eagles team.


    not one goddamn thang😲

    S. Reynolds



    @Therealjus Hard win? The Giants and Redskins should have been an easy win.

    Steff Cuddi

    Blue Skeptic cept’ injuries

Blackthorn 461

Knowing the eagles they’re probably going to play a good game next week against the cowboys after almost losing to 2 bad teams

    Shane Lewis

    Cowboys are a bad team too soo

    Yepac Shakur

    Michael Puuohau or if they show up when they beat em 37-10 the eagles will be dead birds… AGAIN


    @Shane Lewis If the Cowboys are a “bad” team, then the Sheagles are rotten moldy dying dog turds!


    @Vexify AngelSZN I’m not a cowboys or eagles fan but when was the last time Wentz’s made it to the superbowl 🤔 slap yourself kid…

    Andrew Horner

    MPDeity Congrats on finally beating a team over .500!

philly_ sports

Greg Ward – a quarterback in college – has been our best wide receiver this year. That’s both hilarious and kind of depressing.

    shon smith

    Ward a baller tho


    HMMM. Eagle all time draft picks from the univ of Houston… Kevin Kolb….. Leonard Mitchell… Greg Ward… Ill take Ward

    Michael Mcglynn

    But he actually is pretty good though


That throw to Sanders was amazing

    Collin Jordan

    The Philadelphia Eagles. he is at winning while playing for the eagles 😂

    KingGrizzly 78


    Craig king

    @44excalibur JJ can’t even run a route

    Chris Vasquez

    @RIP LITTLE 😂😂😂😂explains why he leads in passing yards can’t wait for all y’all to cry 😭😭😂😂

Chowdz zz

Can we win one blowout Game please. Eagles give me heart attacks

    Daisy's views



    Eagles aren’t good enough to win a blowout lol


    Chowdz zz probably against NY after we lose next week and miss the playoffs 😂

    ᴇɴᴅᴇʀ -

    Tell me about it. Seahawks fan.

    Blazen 21

    No cuz y’all suck

philly_ sports

I’ve been a huge critic of Carson Wentz this year but I have to admit that he’s stepped up big time and has been a great leader the last two weeks. He has to stop that fumbling crap though.

    Joel Ramos

    @Angel Cadena they are def 11-3 right now

    Angel Cadena

    @Joel Ramos maybe. But unfortunately they’re the worst team when it comes to injuries. Just bad luck hopefully they come back next season tho n go another round of a 13-3 record

    Ryan Mcgee

    He was never the problem… Foles people just couldn’t understand that.


    Two of those fumbles were definitely his fault, but to be fair I feel like with that last one with the defender coming up behind him and hitting the ball out, there wasn’t much he could do outside of covering up and running earlier. Just my 2 cents! Definitely glad to see him stepping up and giving us glimpses of how he played in 2017.

Larrysgdz Thebest


*Redskin: atleast we have the number 2 pick*


    Alt Delete
    Delete this comment now, stop being ignorant. You know damn well that Haskins is going to be the best QB in the NFC East in a few years

    Ivin J

    Alt Delete you clearly didn’t watch the game. Yes he turned the ball over at the end but he made big time plays to keep his team in the game . His receivers didn’t help him on some of his throws towards the end . They wasn’t getting open . And then dropping the ball . I wish Harmon was making the plays Sims was makings . I know he can do it

    Ivin J

    drsamw pepper we can get a Tackle later in the draft. We had no pass rush at times . And that left the defensive backs on a island at times covering for a long time . It was sad .

    Franklin Franklinson

    @Ivin J Haskins played well. He is good. Bottom line. Future best QB in NFC East. He will be better than Prescott and Wentz in a few years.


    The Washington Buckeyes


It is a DISGRACE that we had Greg Ward sitting on the sidelines so long.

    Alex Klaus

    @AK 47

    Get off your high horse and look up the proof yourself. We don’t have to do anything for you. It’s bandwagon fans like you that makes us all look bad. Everyone knows it’s a fact that Greg Ward was being called up. I’m always looking at Eagles news 24/7. Ward should’ve been put in at the start. I know what I’m talking about I do this every day.

    And I wrote article’s about this topic. So have others.

    AK 74

    @Alex Klaus If you wrote articles about this topic, then surely you have a link?

    Alex Klaus

    @AK 74

    Go on Instagram and look up jerseybirds. All my articles and topics are on there..

    Bob Gnarly

    AK 74 Why tf are you so damn lazy to look it up for yourself 💀

Justinn Zamora

FedEx Field might as well be an extra home for the Eagles. There was plenty of green in the stands


    I heard Redskins tickets were selling as cheap s $5. So philly fans can finally afford to see a game XD

    Lucky Break 2 o

    @Kyle Winters You’re f***** up

    mike Mcdonald

    @Kyle Winters thats a real nice thing to say jagoff

    Jared Fehrens

    Robert-Elijah how can a 6-7 team have bandwagon fans?


    Robert-Elijah Don’t think there are too many bandwagon fans left rooting for the Eagles tbh


When Jason Peters enters the HoF, they should back the podium up 5 yards before the speech



    Cassidy Leonard

    Eagles4life it’s bad but he’s older.. he’s slower.. he’s gotta make sure he gets that first kick back so he can’t get bull rushed off the line you either beat him with speed or you don’t beat him at all and he knows that that’s why he always trying to get that head start on DE’s he’s the o-line version of Michael Bennett 😂

    Denise Page


    Angel Gonzalez



Sanders and Ward stepped up big time

    Todd m

    Stepped up? Got their play time… this is how u get a position when the starters gets hurt. I hope none of our receivers come back. They’re all a waste of money.

    luke Robinson


    Cheryl Johnson

    Scott too

    Tristan Catlett

    Ertz is my favorite.


    @Todd m FACTS!!!

Darth Vix

Skip Bayless will criticize Wentz for allowing the Redskins to score 27 points on them

    Dean Keaton

    So what if Eagles get criticized…you were trailing in 4th Qtr to the REDSKINS. Please 😂

    Enoch Lee

    Nah, Skip follows stats (albeit when they’re convenient for him) so he would have a numbers driven logic, at least. Max Kellerman, on the other hand, will blame any bad performance on the team on Wentz.


    I mean, he did fumble like 7 times…


    @Mr Wat Da HELL wentz seemed to play for the redskins, didn’t he fumble like 35 times this game?


The injury-riddled Eagles still have life.

kejuan skanes

Josh Norman giving up the Game winning TD. Not Surprised!

    Big Slimm

    He needs to retire now

    Cameron Manning

    He has been trash all season, but go in depth with that play. He was playing man on a guy with two other receivers next to him (and corners), they should have played zone on those three receivers. Clearly they were going to cross, and cause a cluster (there was six people all within a couple feet). Bad call or missed audible on coach/defense


Nelson dropalor: see the practice squad receiver on how to make a Td catch.


    Talos 620 hahahahaha


    Captain Galaxy I feel u

    MLP Shawn

    @bigbodyrover My guy said “dropalor” i caaaan’t yo LMAOOO!!!!


    MLP Shawn lmao

    Chris Lindor

    Droplar *** lollll

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