Devin McCourty: “We have to look ourselves in the mirror and get ready to go” | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Kyle Smartbush

Step up your game boys!

malli tangellapalli

Something needs to happen ….. Guys please figure out something….. still GO PATS !!!


    Look we don’t have a great complete team like the others. Always next year

    Damgood 75

    Sorry for the news.. is over!! Until next year offence is Trash.. period..

    Jake Shattuck

    The defense doesn’t stop Miami and you think the problem is the offense? There were lots of drops as always, but that game was poorly coached.


wanted to win?

Nathan Popov

Wake up already guy’s do your job

xavier lopez

Texans gotta be licking their chops rn, pats better get together 🔥🔥

    The Great One

    Texans are p playing the Bill’s the Pat’s get the titans.

    Brian Chua

    @The Great One wouldn’t be surprised if the Titans SOMEHOW upset New England next week.
    Not a patriots fan, but Idk how they can turn it around mentally.
    Also offensively, it’s horrible and defensively, if you lost to Ryan Fitzpatrick, GL stopping Derrick Henry.

    The Great One

    @Brian Chua I agree titan’s are decent team on both sides .

Boruto Uzumaki

Do your JOB

Nara Ton

First round playoffs, here we come 😑

P Pumpkin

Bottom line is Fitz had good ball placement, good receivers, and good play calling. Fitz was mobile in the pocket and hard to get too. Hard to stop when the other team has a great game.

    Patsfan 4life

    P Pumpkin Fitz looked like a Pro Bowler

    Jake Shattuck

    Fitz was hitting 6’3 Parker all day, who was covered by 6’1 Gilmore. It was a mismatch and there was never an adjustment. Have Gilmore shut down a lesser WR and double Parker. But no, instead we have a home game next week and much worse odds of appearing in the SB this year, much less winning a ring.

Ivan Denike

Teams are double teaming injured Edelman, and others are not stepping up

    Nocturnal Emission

    I’ve been saying this for months

    Nocturnal Emission

    @Brian Chua it’s been over

    Nocturnal Emission

    @Will what do you expect when BB reaches in the draft

    Brian Chua

    @Will can’t keep having WRs who cant seperate as well.
    Sanu has proven he can’t get seperation as the No. 2 WR
    Either go in the off-season looking to build a new offensive WR core or start from scratch

    Jake Shattuck

    If you think putting a kid in there instead of Brady is a step forward, you should probably keep that to yourself so you don’t sound stupid in public.

Ivan Denike

Wonder if Kraft received a Christmas card from A.B.?

    Ambush bug

    Fourth wall break Robert Kraft would have received a Christmas card for Ambush bug if he brought me some zebra cakes

Philip Orallo

BETTER not SNOOZE next week!!!!!

Rob Roberts

The coaching sucked to.


Coaching sucked Defense sucked offense sucked…. y’all played like y’all didn’t care

    Ambush bug

    The matrix wasn’t on the Patriots and today the bullets were too fast extremely fast maybe Ambush bug could help they’ll be all right Titans vs Patriots is going to be good

LeAndus Peerless

I would take this player on my team

    sean campbell

    LeAndus Peerless he’s like 50 now lol washed up

Rae Menace

That’s right. *No one* is sad that y’all lost expect your fans 🤣


Doesn’t matter to these guys. They’ll be laughing all the way to the bank after next week.

Patsfan 4life

Lead the way next week Devin with a big turnover!


I love Devin. Class act. We need Jason back badly though.

Big Travis

Look yourselves in the mirror and ask how Bellichik allowed this team to devolve while the competition had been loading for bear

Charly Gr. v.L.

Our best wishes for 2020 🎆🎆🎆

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