James White, Elandon Roberts & Phillip Dorsett II react to loss to Dolphins – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Damn we lost

J Ferrari

I still 110% believe in this team…. LFG!!!!!


    J Ferrari they will get crushed by the Titans just like they did last week

Glenn & Vicky McEntire

Worst coaching job of Bill career, gets rid of all his best player’s. Tom hasn’t anybody to throw 2. Patriots are done. Can’t beat Dolphins ain’t gonna beat anybody else. They are done

    Nithin Prabhu

    They already clinched the AFC East, they can’t risk injuring their good players, maybe that’s why

    The OG

    Nithin Prabhu didn’t they play all their good players


    We threw the game JUST STOP BRUH

    Dominick Holden

    Good riddance. Let that dynasty die already.

    Nigel Calloun

    They lost to the dolphins last year and what happened? Oh… they won the superbowl

Ivan Denike

Get Bolden involved in the offense


Season over. No way they’re going to KC or Baltimore and doing anything after getting whooped by the Dolphins.

    Srini Sriram

    They didn’t get whooped but still embarrassing none the less



Sloppy Jalopys

Blame this loss on the spy getting busted

T Squared

After today’s effort against the dolphins. Not looking good. Michel. SANU an Harry are dissappointments.

    Strolling Troll

    Give Harry a Quarterback that can throw 35 yards and it will be a different story. At the moment Brady couldn’t a dime if he had holes in his pockets. I think he’s hiding a more serious issue.

Trump My Love

I voted for Trump


Damn that defense was usin boosters or somethin throughout the season. They looked so bad last few weeks, lucky josh allen couldn’t put it in the spot last week. Im shocked how JC,chung,Gilmore,Jones played. Aj Brown comin to town in 7 days, Im prayin

    Ambush bug

    Fourth wall break maybe Tom Brady Captain America should use a shield next time play the pats will be fine they just got eat breakfast

    Rifat Inqiad

    Aj brown and derrick henry man we fucked


    Derrick Henry is the biggest threat. The pats have the best secondary in the league and hopefully they’ll get it together but The d-line is average. Luckily the linebackers are all run snuffers

Kurt Kokayne

It’s not over till it’s over…. teams have won Super Bowls without having a first round bye so why the hell can’t we ? I still believe this team can get it done. Who’s with me!? #LFG

    basketballplayer101 02



    Kurt Kokayne they will get crushed by the Titans


    Bill threw the game 2nd quarter 3 timeouts left yup for some reason???

    jesus prada

    Yeah ….. but New England has never done it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Ambush bug

Fourth wall break the Tennessee Titans is coming to town and Nightwing is leading them

Ambush bug

Titans vs Patriots is going to be good it’s going to be a slush fest a street fight raining maybe snow the multiverses is at stake

Jeff's Games Zone

Tom Brady is Garbage Of All Time


    You’re garbage of all time


Why u throwing the game???? 2nd quarter 3 timeouts???? ……

Charly Gr. v.L.

Our best wishes for 2020 🎆🎆🎆

jesus prada



In Madden I moved Elandon Roberts to fullback and threw a 37 yard TD on the left side of the field two broken tackles. Almost recreated my favorite play of the season.


    Elandon Roberts touchdown was 38 yards and on the right side of the field

Angel Ramon

It’s okay will bounce back boys #letsgo

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