Tom Brady on looking ahead to playoffs: “We’ve got to play better next week” | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Carlos Sistos

Terrible coaching decisions today, that´s why they lost

    Melvin Stewart

    I totally agree

    Melvin Stewart

    @Mike Curialle I agree

    Melvin Stewart

    @brady chick same here

    Melvin Stewart

    I’ve been gone for a week for Christmas at my parents was hoping that my team would have beat the dolphins and I come home and find out the lost, what a your job work on your job, fix your mistakes, learn from it, move from it next poet do your job

    Jean-Luc Du Preez

    You going to realise ..and this is why I don’t understand your dumb know it all analysts who think BB is a God of coaching….he is phuckin not. He was under 500 without Brady. Brady is struggling right now..and his coaching gets shown up.. and I’m not from America. .I’m not exposed to all you dumb media…and I’m going to be straight…your media is the worst on the planet…Brady is nearing his end..Bill B is going to have a few under 500 seasons and will retire..he should when Brady retires.

Steven Promotions

If Brady cuts his hair it’s gonna go down

    CamMad 316

    @Mike T brady is the most unselfish player in nfl history. The amount of pay cuts he has taken the amount of talent he has not been given is ridiculous. Brady is the definition of unselfish you are a real Patriots hater get a lif3

    Mike T

    @CamMad 316 if they had Jimmy G they could win like three more championships with Belichick

    LetThatFeverPlay 89

    @Mike T and all those running quarterbacks will not have the longevity or health that Tom has had. They’ll all be beat to hell.

    Sports fan

    @Mike T you Never know. Everybody was saying no way they beat the Chiefs and the rams back to back.

    Mike T

    @Sports fan they called roughing-the-passer on the Chiefs last year and that was a Phantom call just like the bs Tuck Rule

Willie Montalvo

Am still Pat’s fan . We’ lost 4 later year and we won the superbowl. So let’s go n give our support Pat’s nation.

    brady chick

    @Willie Montalvo We’ve gotta get better receiver’s Sanu and Watson are terrible. Most of the nation is happy that the Patriots lost.

    Willie Montalvo

    @brady chick we need to spent some $$ on the players

    brady chick

    @Willie Montalvo I totally agree.

    5xNFLMVP PeytonManning

    Patriots went 11-5 last year


    Willie Montalvo they will lose to the Titans 27-6


Game was in the defenses hands not mad at tom I’m mad at the defense for folding the one drive that mattered

    Jared Da Legend

    No we kept turning it over it was kinda on us

    Gary Davis

    Fitzpatrick executed the Patriots offense perfectly. He was channeling Brady. Brady became Fitzy


    He threw a pick 6 and over threw. It was on EVERYONE today


    Defense definitely could’ve done better. Apparently they all forgot how to cover simple slants and outs. Even Gilmore did not look good.


    seems EVERY WEEK it is on the D at the end. it’s a crap shoot if they play well or not

Rick Rush

Not trying to make at least an effort at the end of the half says it all for me.We’re all use to the team coming back but it’s not the team like the teams of the past.

    Gary Davis

    Brady played like Fitzpatrick usually does

    Gary Davis

    Fitzy got rid of the ball and was on target the whole game. Brady wasn’t. Pick Six unforgivable in a big game. Tom still great, just not this year. Tennessee will send the Pats on vacation. Ryan Tannehill will pick up where Fitzpatrick left off. Malcolm Butler might even get a pick six.

    Studio Guy

    I’m a Pats fan but they can’t win forever. Time for Tom n Bill announce a retirement tour and end it next year

    Rick Rush

    @Larry Placher Duh I’m stupid…. and the only thing you can say is “your stupid” What a statement…lol !

    Trevor Thompson

    Y’all are the most spoiled fan base I swear. It’s not over yet.

Marcel D

No they lost because Brady has no one to pass to. You can have a good defense but if your offense keep going 3 and out the defense is going to get tired.

    jeremy cox

    Honestly we should pick up dez Bryant it can’t hurt. Should have never let ab go

    CF 28

    Lots of blame to go around here. Recievers dropping passes, secondary dropping coverage, who was Tom throwing to on the pick six? Get ready for next week. Titans are no joke.

    William DiStasio

    Look man, I have been a Patriots fan my entire life and I am 47 years old, do you remember all of those years Brady had nobody to throw to??? What did he do? He utilized them, he found the open man, every single time, every single season. I hate to say it but Brady’s age I believe it’s starting to show a little bit. You guys can hate me for this comment if you want, but we all have to face the reality that Brady can’t play Forever and his days in the NFL are probably very very close to an end. Would it be awesome if you want a Super Bowl this year? Then he could just retire and I think he would. But this guy is so fucking stubborn as we all know LOL that if he loses in the playoffs especially in the first round he’s not going to bow out gracefully he is going to want to come back and play again next season you watch mark my words! But, if by some miracle, they hang on and they make it to the Superbowl and they win it I believe he retires

    Ed T

    david selawsky sorry but you can’t get gassed against the Dolphins lol

    Russell Menefee

    Marcel D they lost because of coaching !!! Dam well know we could’ve had 7 more points or atleast 3
    How many times has brady gone 80 yards in 1:30?? And we had 1:47!!!
    I really feel like they’ve all given up


2 catches by Edelman? WTF

    Gloria Beze

    @JoeyjojoShabadoo7 I read today, his shoulder is injured and, maybe it’s worse than he’s letting on. Hope it’s not too serious.


    Gloria Beze – and his knee too. Needed the bye week 😞

    Star Astro

    LeBron’s Haters Cry Everyday and We Love It I kept telling people that the only reason they were dominant is because of Gronkowski. Throw it up and hope for a pass interference.


    Tom throws a easy int…. 2nd quarter 3 timeouts left yup we lost on purpose

    Dev Carter

    Edelman is playing injured which is not good for him or the team.

rich ernest

More football!Hang your head high.Wild cards can run the table.

    david selawsky

    Not the Pats. Never have and wont this year. Sux admiting that but they have zero chance now that we can’t rest our team. Bad…real bad loss! Tom is done w this team.

    Mike T

    They’re going to have a difficult time tackling Henry and if they beat the Titans they want to have enough energy to go on

    Brian Chua

    NE has never won a SB when they didn’t have the bye week.
    Gonna be interesting how they can get their offense together and FAST. Titans are no joke.


    rich ernest they will get crushed by the Titans just like they were last year

    Jose Flores

    david selawsky people see the king stumble and they want his crown… the king isn’t dead yet

KentC ThaHauler

Is Bill throwing this Season?? To show how good Jimmy G really is!!??? Man wtf.

    Michael Hess

    That’s what I’m syaing


    KentC ThaHauler it seems like he has sabotaged Tom and the offense all season

    Zac T

    Even if the pats lose next week… since trading Jimmy G, the Patriots have gone to 3 straight superbowls, won 2 of them, and came within a touchdown of winning the third one, 4 straight afc east division titles, 3 afc championships, and theyre in the playoffs once again… you cant say all that would have happened if jimmy had been the qb.


    @Zac T ^ This

david selawsky

Bill screwed up at end of 1st half imo.


    I was livid


    Bill Belichick is an absolute weasel.

Teresa Serrone

Disappointing…but we got to do better..period

blocboi ichigo

This game isn’t on Brady it was on the defense

    Violenza Fantastica

    Brady wasnt perfect but answered back every single time. The game was won. The defense failed to stop them in that final minute. Sad to see

    Nocturnal Emission

    With all those 3 and outs?

    Nocturnal Emission

    @6XChamps Still think dropping ab was the answer?

    Mister Arroz

    Mu🤬f’n facts 💯

    Kevin McElroy

    It’s everyone. Gilmore nearly a non-issue, Sanu dropped key passes, Edelman dropped balls, Watson drew several flags, no LaCosse playing, and Brady throwing high balls and a pick six. It was a team effort to lose.

stéphane A

So Edelman can’t even have a bye week. Man, he needed it.


    He had 3 catches mise well be a bye week right there

    Hulk Butter

    Talk about a sense of entitlement.


    stéphane A oh well Tom Brady’s noodle arm can’t carry them anymore. That’s a shame 😢

    Dev Carter

    Edelman seems to be playing injured which is not good for him or the team.

Fred Thomas

Seems like the wr had butter on there fingers today

Kevin Oles

Could have at least tried to score at the end of first half.


    Kevin Oles – couldn’t agree more. They should’ve used a timeout before Miami punted. Dumb dumb dumb.

Generation Sensitive

The hot potato play at the end was hilarious


Tom Brady was born in 1977. Think about that he’s competing against the best athletes on the planet. He’s an old man.👴🏻

Dy O'bolikal

Brady sounding more and more like his” hoodie” coach. Basically not say anything of importance .

Sue Wee

Win or lose, you’re handsome af, Tom. 😘

    Dev Carter

    He is better looking though when he’s winning.

Charly Gr. v.L.

Our best wishes for 2020 🎆🎆🎆

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