Derek Carr Postgame Presser – 12.22.19 | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Derek Carr Postgame Presser – 12.22.19 | Raiders

Quarterback Derek Carr addresses the media following a 24-17 win over the Los Angeles Chargers at ROKiT Field at Dignity Health Sports Park.

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Tarmaan Productions

Win next week and also am going to be a Texans Ravens and colts fan next week so we can go to the playoffs

    Edgar Castro

    silver black that game don’t matter no more

    silver black

    @Edgar CastroI hear you bro

    Sean Martin

    Jags are like 5 and 9 why cheer for them? Dont the colrs gotta loose?

    Galactic Goo

    @Zanyy those backups will be fresher than ever and will be hungry to solidy their standing moving forward.


    Ravens benching starters make that game kinda scary


Seems Coach Gruden had a decent game plan…& you guys EXECUTED MUCH BETTER!! D..showed up!! PRAYIN FOR MULLENS!!

    Darth Plagueis the wise

    AlphaOmegaStables they will definitely beat those donkeys


    @Darth Plagueis the wise Hate to write this…but Carr has NEVER WON a game where the weather/temperature was under 45°…hope WE WIN TO MAKE PLAYOFFS!! RN4L!!

    Darth Plagueis the wise

    AlphaOmegaStables even if they don’t make the playoffs it’s fine, this year was a rebuild year and they are already doing great, in the next couple of years the raiders will be one of the bests. RN4L!!!

Dennis G.


Jordan Wright

I like Carr, hopefully next year we get some more consistency from him and the offense, and the defense needs to get way more consistent



    Undea Khann

    You want consistency pray all the players stay healthy and not get suspended next season.


Carved up a top 5 defense today good stuff

    Just Hustle

    Zanyy they are not a top 5. They were ranked in the summer as that but they’re actually like 27th.

    Taz Saalim

    @Just Hustle top 5 pass defense you dunce

    Taz Saalim

    @Just Hustle I just looked it up they’re a top 5 defense

    Ness H

    Lol @dunce

    The Rope

    Just Hustle Stop watching football. You continuously prove that you don’t know what in the god damn hell youre talking about. Go play Madden or something.

The DreadNeck

I’m view 420

    Sumtingwong Richard

    The DreadNeck grow up you little pothead. Smoking weed was so high school

Taz Saalim

Carr haters awfully quiet

    Josip Ljubicic

    @Joshua scott ☠☠☠👍👍👍🖤🖤🖤

    Joshua scott

    @dreamshot XD

    Joshua scott

    @Josip Ljubicic 😎😎😎

    Manuel Contreras

    Not here..He’s a good QB, NOT A SUPER STAR.

    You Asked For It

    @falloutgam3r101 the defense doesnt score points the offense is supposed to. Brady does it all day long no matter who’s catching the ball. I know it sucks man he’s a really good guy he’s got heart. He’s gonna be great with the Panthers I promise.

Shaun Kennedy


daddys long

Carr did great…wheres the fake fan that was talkin shyt last week..

    Shawn Young

    Lose 4 games in a row . Cant win games we need , beats the Chargers. Typical DC.


    “I wasn’t aware his money was coming out of our bank accounts”
    If you’re buying tickets to the games or buying Raiders merchandise, then yes, his money is coming out of your bank account.

    daddys long

    @Shawn Young not all carrs falt..that’s like blaming the defense for not scoring on every play..

    Shawn Young

    @daddys long Carr gets paid Millions as a franchise QB. He should play like one. DC is average at best. Funny how we won the game without defense, recievers or running game. Why? DC played average and we won with same defense, same offense. Browns syndrome….win one and great again.

    daddys long

    @Shawn Young all i said was carr did he did..cant fix a carr without all tools..u can get the job done half carrs working with what he has an thats with a little bit of tools.once u get all the right tools then the carr will be up an running..

Iziah Williams

The offense was harder to figure out because when Jalen and Washington came in you couldn’t tell if it was a pass or run. They played it conservative with Jacobs because of the injury but him being out allow for some deception. It was obvious when he played that his injury made it harder to catch and so he’d come out on passing plays. Without that crutch it’s harder to key in on the game plane. It is a division rival and I’m not saying JJ isn’t dope. He just needs to be 100%

It's Academic

If you give up as a fan, you need to turn in your wings, and get out for good. The rest of Raidernation will see the top of the mountain together.

    Steeve Kyle

    Well said

    Julian Bueno

    That’s Wtf I’m Say’n. Kick rocks if you’re not going ride with us for life! ☠️

    Adrian_ AG RAIDER _4Life

    Yup💯 Since 1988!

    Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

    Love the Raiders, carr is trash


    I’m not giving up as a fan, but it’s okay to be realistic. We’re not making the playoffs this year, and even if we do (with a lot of help from other teams), we’re not winning the Wild Card game, and we need to draft a QB in the first round, someone with some fire.

Sean Martin

Steelers gotta loose vs ravens. Titans gotta loose to texans abd we got tie breaker with colts all raiders gotta do is win vs brincos and cheer for texans and ravens

    The Rope

    Gonna sting extra bad if everything falls into place and we lose to the donkeys.



edwin sosa

We gon make it to the playoffs but i think the texans wont beat the titans😢

    Cali King

    Ravens will sit starters

    Joshua scott

    @Cali King why i hate the steelers i want ravens to stump them😭😭😭

MALO_ 213

It was a total BLACKOUT!!!!!!!! I was at that game ….RAIDERSSSSSSSS!!!!!


Derek Carr is a great QB he help change our culture. When we get a No 1 WR with what we have he will win a super bowl . He will be a Raider 4 Life.

    Richy Rich

    NS DEEZY he won’t be here for life. Maybe one more year they will draft a QB this coming draft

    Shawn Young

    We will draft a QB this draft.

Dominic Manalang

Derek will make it in the playoffs

Jorge masvidalTKO

Carr is still trash never won anything for Oakland

    Taz Saalim

    Trash but carved up that top 5 defense for the second time this season

    Jorge masvidalTKO

    @Taz Saalim 5-10


Here is the ACTUAL scenario – a Raiders win + Ravens, Texans, Colts win + a win by ANY ONE of the following: Patriots, Chiefs, Bears, Lions


What a stand-up dude Heart of Gold always picks out the positive and negative situation we should be proud to have this guy as our leader with all the negativity surrounding this team he’s a shining bright light in our dark black hole Raider Nation for life


    559bounceHER I’d rather he won us football games.


Carr will be an all pro again

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