Best From Postgame Media Availability vs. Chargers – 12.22.19 | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Best From Postgame Media Availability vs. Chargers – 12.22.19 | Raiders

Watch the best moments from Maxx Crosby, Erik Harris and Hunter Renfrow during postgame media availability after the win over Los Angeles in Week 16.

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Joey Leon

Renfrow officially convinced me to get his jersey

    Jrock Lopez

    @Top1c _ Thats what im saying..we would be dominant

    Johnny Utah

    You can get a great color rush jersey for $59.00 online

    Miguel R

    @Johnny Utah link?


    Johnny Utah you can get one for 17.00

    marky mark

    Joey Leon Iam telling u if he can toughen up and muscle up he can b another Edelman

Jayson Butchino


    Jonny Augz


    Chris Gang

    Gang gang foo


Lets go

darkside soldier!!

3rd and renfrow = first down!!!😎

    Luis Gonzalez

    darkside soldier!! U mean touchdown

    Joshua scott

    @Luis Gonzalez both

Josh McNair

Renfrow with an insightful interview. This guy has a job after football.

    Zachary Morris

    Yeah he’s totally likable too. Very genuine.

    Joshua scott

    Yea ikr


    Job after? Tax season comes around he’s all over it lol

    Bill Lozier

    He is only a rookie and your talking after football. Pump the breaks brother.

    Joshua scott

    @Bill Lozier he has more td than his college career


Definitely gonna get Derek carr sons jersey (renfrow)

    Chris Gang

    That 13 tho👌💪

Jorge Nieves


Brian Luna




5.O Beers

Resign Erik Harris!

    Nick Medina

    He just got a new contract


    Nick Medina re sign Joseph

    Kareem Goat 33

    When Abrams get healthy our secondary will be solid with the addition of a cornerback.

    Joshua scott

    Re sign all


    He shot up columbine

It's Academic

This guy doesn’t know how to quit. Football is Renfrow

Irineo Sanchez

And GO RAIDERS THATS RIGHT Denver your next

Kevin Kaatz


Cesar M

Go Raidersssss # 13

Shay Perry

Renfrow RNFL!!!!

News Now AZ

I hope Mad Max puts on some major weight this off season!!!

    Syrup Sipper

    He and ferrell will both gain some muscle weight & keep there speed.

    Joshua scott

    @Hustla Jones Tarot he need more pounds

    News Now AZ

    @Hustla Jones Tarot did you see Mack, after his rookie season?

    News Now AZ

    @Syrup Sipper hope so!

    Hustla Jones Tarot

    Again I’m a die hard Raider and I know a lot Mack was 251 coming out of college and bumped up to 269, Max came out 255 and bumped up before week 1 to 267lb y’all blind and also tripping if you want him to put on what was it some major weight lmmfao he’s fine where he is we don’t run a 3-4 defensive. Just be fans and stop bitching we’ve heard enough complaining out our so called fan base this year.

Robert Smith

A great win..and it wasn’t like others where it was a nail biter… BUT.. Gruden needs to let go of the constant dink and dunk offense.. and add more to the playbook than hand off to the back…mix it up and throw downfield!!! a win is a win..but had we played like this earlier this year we’d be in the playoffs regardless!! Carr can up his play…we need defensive help..we need WR help.. we need a new D coordinator.. but above all else Gruden needs to knock off the vanilla offense..and when we get a lead don’t play prevent defense..keep attacking!!!

    Hustla Jones Tarot

    Bill Lozier that’s common sense teams need others with a good skill set to step up if your true 1 goes down and if your saying we don’t have that I could agree but not team as more then that one true guy, it’s rare they have two. I believe Atlanta does in Julio Jones and Calvin ridley

    Bill Lozier

    @Hustla Jones Tarot you wouldn’t believe teams that lack common sense. Lol!

    Hustla Jones Tarot

    Bill Lozier But we will be just fine next season I believe in Jon and mike being able to find one, I think they took a shot at AB only because we needed a pass rush in the early pick and they didn’t think we could find one in late first or later. The need of pass rush, RB and DB was more important I wanted a high number one first , RB then pass rush. 🤷🏾‍♂️ we could’ve got Marcel Coleman Marquise Brown AJ Brown Metcalf and others at 4, josh, Abrams then Pass rush if they was so high on Ferrell no one had him higher the 2nd mid round but hey it is what it is.

    Bill Lozier

    @Hustla Jones Tarot I believe Ferrell was picked on his family military background. Like you, I believe in Gruden & Mayock. They are trying to build a strong foundation. Character is huge with Gruden. Ferrell has had a pretty solid season. He really helped in stopping the rush.

    Hustla Jones Tarot

    Bill Lozier yeah I know and I liked the pick at the time and still do. It’s only hindsight makes me wish the order was different that’s all he’s been very nice for us tho.

MALO_ 213

Mad maxx …Renfrow beast I’m glad he’s back he makes a huge difference!!!
BLACKOUT CARSON!!! Section 125 row Z!!!

Eliazar De La Cruz

Renfrow is a keeper

    Kareem Goat 33

    You damn right he is a keeper. All of the newbies to the nation.

    Joshua scott

    Yea ikr he also have sticky hands


Renfro proving the doubters wrong!! Renfro stepping up💪. This rookie is only going to get better, hes already a play maker n is raider tuff!! Go raiders☠️🏴‍☠️!!

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