DeAndré Washington Highlights: Best Plays from Week 16 vs. Chargers | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

DeAndré Washington Highlights: Best Plays from Week 16 vs. Chargers | Raiders

Watch Raiders running back DeAndré Washington's best plays against the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 16.

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He ran well!

TenebrisGR YT

Good physical running

Gabriel Ramirez

So happy for him and Richard love this group along with Jacobs and ingold

Joe Fuelling

Best performance as a Raider never seen him run with such heart & disregard for the tackler.

James Williams

Amazing performance to compensate for the injury to JJ.

bill hawk

Dude wanted to run the ball Great performance!

Jonny Augz

D. Wash just secured his spot on this roster.

Cosmic Dxrk

Washington has always been good they just have him as like 2nd or 3rd string for rb

Matthew Duran

Better than last year 4sure

Carlos Pinzon

I always thought that Richard was a way better than Washington but I can see that D wash didn’t have enough opportunities before. I hope him to have a big game against broncos


My boy always been that guy when he got hurt the newer generation of raider fans didn’t get to see how Poten this yung man is , give the rock to D WASHINGTON and your for sure gonna get a TD or 2 , I hope he stays with the JUICE.

eph elle

He’s been getting a little better each time!

darkside soldier!!

Little spark plugs going to work!!!💪💀☠

Ivan J Pulido Mora

If they ran Washington more Jacob’s wouldn’t be hurt

Say When

Washington is the Pocket Rocket they need to resign.

Robert Wells

did some say Vegas.. earned his spot this game


Washington over Richard in any game 💀

Lynne Moss

being at the game was amazing. RAIDER NATION ruled that stadium!!


I like jaylen, but have always like Dwash more! If we only keep one, I hope it’s De Andre.

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