Coach Gruden Postgame Presser – 12.22.19 | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Coach Gruden Postgame Presser – 12.22.19 | Raiders

Head Coach Jon Gruden addresses the media following a 24-17 win over the Los Angeles Chargers at ROKiT Field at Dignity Health Sports Park.

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Great job raider nation

Aaron Lara

See what happens when dc gets at least one decent receiver


    @channel surfer , Carr has always set his receivers up to get killed, and that check down bs just drives me nuts, he’ll I’d rather see a jump ball, 3 and 9 and throw a pass on the line of scrimmage, it’s not gruden telling to do that either, he doesn’t fully read the coverage, just gets rid of the ball, we can keep saying he never had receivers, a line, a rb, what ever, he’s 7 years in now, I’m older, I can’t keep hearing excuses every year, honestly, we should be in the playoffs this year, look at pittsburg, Colts, new qb, titans, we lost to some bums in the end, and I expected carr being the best qb out of all those teams, we should be on top, even though I think tanneyhill is out playing him this year, but oh well, hopefully we will be back on top soon

    channel surfer

    ​@BOSTON CELTICS4LIFE They turned the ball over in those losses but I hear what you’re saying about other qbs…Millshew outplayed Carr at home…I don’t know who decided to show up and play qb for the Jags that day…who was that guy? lol…. I can only speculate but the Raider plays are scripted and scripted plays have the qb playing a set part in a play or a ballet… if you want some real insight into Gruden’s offense watch the Bill Walsh documentary on here. ..that’s a very complex offense that was referred to as cerebral…Al Davis wasn’t a fan of it …his offense has the ball always going ‘over the wall” which was a min of 12 – 17 yards…that’s why a 50% completion rate is good in that offense…Al just got so fed up with losing he hired Jon Gruden in ’98…Gruden then kept Tim Brown but got Gannon and brought in Rison and then Rice to run it with that power running game,..that 70% completion rating is normal here….they’re still putting this thing together and after the reload again next season they’re going right after that ring…Merry Christmas.

    channel surfer

    @BOSTON CELTICS4LIFE I think they should use that no huddle more because Carr is very effective running that…


    @channel surfer , yep, gruden thinks he’s a genius, but he gets so predictable


    @channel surfer , I understand the rebuild, I just saw a great opportunity this year to do better, I think we will get better, always a rush with me, I hate losing, Merry Christmas

channel surfer

Play pretty good defense, don’t turn the ball over and make use of that no huddle, which Carr is great in….the Raiders will win a lot of games.


Overall great team play today


    Also the fans were a factor which was awesome


    Need a lot in off season (LB, WR, CB, etc. repeat same success in the 2020 draft , no doubt!!!

    AlbertThePro 37

    We could go to playoffs but we need to beat Denver donkeys again

TJ Strong

Mack & Cooper trades looking like good moves now by Coach and GM. Good Luck next yr. Raiders, ill always love Gruden, he was a General in a former life…

    Danny Reyes

    Yep cooper looked like cooper TODAY Thanks Coach for sending him packing

    Julian Bueno

    And so did Mack the second half of the season. He was supposed to get 20 sacks this year at 140 mill✌️ looking forward to 2 1st rounders and a few 3rd rounders. Vegas baby.. RN4L ☠️

    Danny Reyes

    @Julian Bueno thats right haven’t heard anything from Mack things are looking up i think when we were 6-4 the refs started to het involved more against us and have you noticed that on some plays the flag comes like 5 sec later after a player complains to the ref

King Savage



    King Savage I’m a Steelers fan but tbh if we don’t get in I’d rather y’all get in than the Titans

    edwin sosa

    I think all of are senarios can happen but the texans beating the titans


    edwin sosa ravens benching starters I think

    edwin sosa


Felix Devora

Best defense of performance all year…given all the backups we are playing with. SMH 🤦‍♂️ Need one more win, all I asked for was watching this team play games that’s matter till the end. Good job Raiders

    Rolando Mota

    Felix Devora one more win + Colts win + Pitt and Tenn need to lose next week.


great win today even before the kick off i bought myself a josh jacobs white jersey from fanatics because i love this team no matter what.

    Darth Plagueis the wise

    Stangman12 I just got a Kenny stabler Jersey

    Cesar M

    #13 raiders

Michael Henderson

They did alot better today of managing the game

J toxic

Renfrow the man 🤙

    jay fairman

    We missed him those few weeks

    michael herrera

    J toxic yup!

Leon Florence

Worley is here to stay and this presser proves that

Cesar M


    Rolando Mota

    Cesar M ooooh you capitalized the buster letter smh

Glitch 25

The Raiders Pirate ship is on fire and listing terribly, but it still afloat

Edward Saucedo

Gotta draft or free agent a wr. Don’t have a #1 wr on roster.

    Christian Ceballo

    A.J. green

    Strange Days

    @Christian Ceballo Tee Higgins

Fitter Krueger

Raiders win out and titans and PB lose

Edgar Bonilla

Cant believe how many players go down each week..wer gonna start calling them the practice squad Raiders..

MALO_ 213

Renfrow was a beast!!!!!!!! Blackout Carson!!!!!!!! Sec 125 row Z!!!!!!

jody carrasco

Great win coach Gruden. Closing first half and opening second half drives were playoff kind of stuff right there. I didn’t like the 3rd down play calling today, way too conservative, and the 3rd and 6 run call right before the last fg was too timid when DCarr was 26 for 30 and Renfrow, Williams and Waller were tough to cover for them. You get a chance to finish a team off, then attack coach! Let the guys know you trust them to be big on big downs! Glad you are our coach man! You are a true Raider and would want no other coach! Go Raiders!

Buzz Killington

Carr and Renfrow could be really special together if they stay together.

Oj Simpson's Gloves

Prayers for Trayvon Mullen…thats the only thing on my mind.


    You’re right about that man we all need to bow our heads and send Good vibes out there. I’m going to say a prayer for him right now

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