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Grant Lemon



First! Also random but Boomer Sooners!!!!!!!

ray ray

Its gonna be like the same way how houston beat Patriots lost to us , cheifs is gonna do the same thing play denver and lose drew locks gonna throw 22/28 275 yards 2 TDs and 2 rush TDs


    ray ray bold prediction bud 😂 I think chiefs gonna take the dub again easy.

    #1 Broncos fan!

    @Firas they said the same about the texans.. did you see what happened to them


    #1 Broncos fan! You’re over hyping tf outta your team bro 😂 acting like y’all a big scary team now. y’all got a good game congrats, don’t make you guys better than us in the slight. I’ll come back to these comments after the chiefs just to say I told u so

    #1 Broncos fan!

    @Firas uh whatever.. I would understand if y’all were the ravens or the Seahawks or the 49ers but y’all are not no big scary team either.. I mean what a difference a year makes last year y’all was very good and still couldn’t get to the SB and this year y’all probably will be one and done in the playoffs last time y’all was in a SB I didn’t even exist.. good try 😂

ray ray

Drew lock about to be the first broncos rookie to start 5-0

    Shot Creator

    ray ray He is 2-0 so far lol. Go Broncos

    ray ray

    @Shot Creator hes gonna beat cheifs and we gonna be excited for the future

    Shot Creator

    He will be 3-0 if he does, that’s my point. He beat Chargers and Texans so he’s currently 2-0. He won’t skip 2 wins and become 5-0 lol

ray ray

I’m gonna say 31- 21 denver

    D K

    You still runnin Hoover Deuce?

    Jonathan Frimerman

    This could be an upset

    Joe Burrow Highlights

    ray ray I could definitely see an upset, Drew Lock has been magical so far this season.

David Johnson

Denver 34 KC 27

Allen Townsend

Those predictions are so bad. Denver is the underdog but a lot of ppl think they’ll win. Hopefully

Jesse Williams

Big upset again.

    Peter Jr

    Jesse Williams lol no

    Jesse Williams

    @Peter Jr any given sunday.

    Malcolm Bishop

    KC: 41
    DEN: 17

    Jesse Williams

    @Malcolm Bishop the Broncos are going to fight back, they not going to get blow out again.

Peter Jr

31-13 Chiefs


A Dose of reality for the Green Horn QB on Sunday

    Jose Johnson

    What reality? The video just showed the chiefs dominating the Raiders ” pass offense ” and the pats ” pass offense” two of the worst in the league…

Mustache Kitten

Broncos 56
Chiefs 35

    Andrew Marc


    Luke Haase

    i think the broncos could easily upset but it will be closer than that

    Jonathan D.

    It could definitely be a shootout!

    Jonathan D.

    It could definitely be a shootout!

TeShaun Hurt

37 34 broncos


This is gonna be a good game

Ahmad Battles

“The Patriots had a formidable rushing attack” ?! WTF when you hear blatantly wrong comments like this it makes you throw out everything else the person had to say. Without the last drive scramble by Tom Brady, the Patriots averaged 3.5 RPC. 2 of Their top rushers averaged 2.1 and 1.6 YPC… SMH But yeah they rushed all on the Chiefs… Please…


I’m going with that 30-28 upset

Micah Hayes

Beware of the trap Chiefs. We own the Broǹcos at Arrowhead!!

Phillip Marshall

Denver 24 chiefs 18

Dave Logan

Denver comes to play Ball..its really up to THEM if they want to give up bodies and bust up the Chief’s..Denver owes them a violent beat down..T.Hill..Kelsey..Maholmes..are the targets..will 👀

Curtis 23

Broncos 28
Chiefs 23

Melida Gomez

Kansas city chiefs 38 broncos 13

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