Atlanta Falcons vs San Francisco 49ers Week 15 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Aiden White

Merry Christmas Everyone!


    Merry Christmas!

A sad falcons Fan

Don’t know how i feel bout this one. Sure I want to win but I don’t want the aints to get the one seed.

    Johnnyy Bravoo

    Niners Robb Niners ain’t winning nothing!

    Gamer Daddy

    Johnnyy Bravoo I don’t think saints will get the one seed because now 49ers have the tiebreaker against the saints

    Axis Orbital

    @Johnnyy Bravoo They are gonna win a lot more than the saints I can tell you that much.

    Niners Robb

    @Johnnyy Bravoo We’ve won 11/13 games…

    Rudy Cota

    @Johnnyy Bravoo
    Your mom already won a fat sausage


‘49ers are gon win’

Jay Stiles

Niners will put up 49 points lol and my score tho 49-20

    Hasan Usman

    they not getting 20 bruh

    Chris Paul point god

    Damn 1 shootout and y’all expect us to be the chiefs from last szn

    Hasan Usman

    Chris Paul point god who

A sad falcons Fan

underrated rivalry

    Brian Harper

    Yeah. Hasn’t been a big one since we were in the same division but pretty old school.

Asaad Dennis

Niners are going to cook that dirty bird


Fan since Montana even through the tough times. Niners FTW

    Brian Harper

    Been a hard road back, ain’t it? Super Bowl after the 84 season was the first NFL game I ever saw I was just under 5 been Red and Gold in my veins ever since. Haha, these younger fans who talk about how hard it was to be a fan these last few years since Harbaugh…. Kinda envy those who weren’t there for the long darkness before that but they also weren’t there to see Montana to Rice on live TV. This feels like then, imagine what this team is gonna look like next year?

Doc Brown

ATL 23
SF 37

    Jordan Kelly

    Niners defense shouldn’t let ATL score 23

    FaKe x SniiPes

    Jordan Kelly exactly they are gonna tighten ups

Sandra Wolgamott

Falcons ain’t gonna win as long as shanny and colemen have something to say. 12-2!!!

    Trevor S

    Sandra Wolgamott Coleman? He’s our weakest RB…Mostert and Breida ar edge names tours looking for.

    Sandra Wolgamott

    @Trevor S I’m talking about shanny and colemens revenge game against their former team

    Chris Paul point god

    @Trevor S y u gotta be that guy?

    Brian Harper

    I got it lol. Don’t know if we’re gonna try to get him any more touches the way Mostert has been playing but we’ll see how Breida looks I’m sure it would be sweet for Tevin to rip off a big one.

Christoph Kiesewetter

I don’t think it’s gonna be easy. But I am hoping for a win! #Go9ers ❤️💛❤️💛

Chando Bcur

The 49 ers are having bird stew for the weekend

Jonathan Morales

49ers 42-10


49ers 38 – Falcons 27

Fortynine Sense

Kyle Shanahan gonna troll Atlanta with a final score 49ers 28 Falcons 3 lmao!

Jonathan D.


Rodney Harris Jr

The 49ers are going eat fried bird on Sunday

Deadman Walkin'

Remain humble, we never know. All gas no brakes 🔥⛽️

Hasan Usman

only thing i’m scared of is the falcons onside kicks 😂😂



Joseph Blomeister

I’m Lovin It

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