Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers Week 15 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Sports 311

It’s not gonna be easy for my bears to go into Lambeau Field and beat the packers. 🐻⬇️

    Alexander Grullon

    Sports 311 but I think they can do it they more then able to do it they still have the personal to do it maybe get hicks back but other then that damn near can take the W in Lambeau with a game plan we already know they hungry for it


    @Alexander Grullon the bears cant match up with the pack in GB

Marvin Weinstein

If everyone throws in a few coins, we could get Bucky a decent mic for Christmas.

    jacob landeros


    Saif Khan

    Lmaooo. A 13 yr old fortnite player can probably donate his mic to Bucky this Christmas. No need to spend cash

Alexander Grullon

Made a mistake bears are winning this one


    Don’t get too cocky

    R21Gamer !!!

    @Sparsile bears are winning this just accept it

    Gary Ridgeway

    Never know

Scottie Robinson

GO BEARS!!!! – Viking fan

    January Bears

    Scottie Robinson damn to bad we need you to lose.

    Manni der Busfahrer

    @January Bears well we just want the Packers to lose

    Jerry Junior

    Scottie Robinson How fo you root for a team that destroyed you not too long ago?

Bryochemical Intuition

Bears 24 Packers 13


    Hell no

    Bryochemical Intuition

    @Sparsile oh hell yes

    Lule Vuk

    Only if it is force win in madden


Bears will get to Rodgers and score 24 as they beat the packers by 14!!


    You’re delusional


    AGK927 you really feel the need to go to every comment saying the bears will win don’t you? If the bears win your gonna look like a huge idiot.

Lenny James

Na! Hick is back that run game shut DOWN!!!!! End of Story son

Dawn Horton

Yes, Every time ppl pick the Bears to lose, we win lol I am good. Bears need help to pull a W off and get to play offs. So Go Cowboys and Chargers lol


    The bears arent beating the packers lol

    E36_318ti BEAMERBOY

    AGK927 not with that negativity they aren’t 🙂

Fabian Ramirez

Bears upset packers


    They aren’t holding the packers to 9 points in GB sorry tough guy

    Fabian Ramirez

    @AGK927 they can they holded them to 10 points the first matchup


The packers win this game easily

    Cuzzo AB

    AGK927 i agree that we will win but not so easy i think it will be a close call 24-21



Robert Mikes

Bears have no chance. Trubisky blows. Go pack go.

Mark Symbala

Go bears and help minnesota

Mark Symbala

Chicago 15 green gay 13

Curtis 23

Packers 23
Bears 17

Hugh Jass

When the bears beat the Packers, I will be right back here

The Philosophical Phil Swift

Packers win 20-7
Bears miss 3 field goals

Gideon Arthur

24-20 bears

Sports History

go pack go

Almir Merovic

Make sure all you cubs and queens come back to get your Ls

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