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That felt powerful! I love that she didnt over do her vocals they were just PERFECT!

    Mike Carter

    She was complete garbage

    Mari Curty

    Mike Carter can you do better???

    Josh Adams

    Mike Carter Obsession isn’t healthy hun

    Mike Carter

    @Josh Adams devil you and that crackhead can go to hell

    Mike Carter

    @Mari Curty better than that crackhead

Katie/Xuan Nguyen

Demi: and the home of the br
chief fans: CHIEFSSSSS

Yvette Drew

Ten years ago, Demi Lovato said one day that she would sing the National Anthem at the super bowl. Then, just 18 months ago, Demi Lovato almost died as a result of an overdose. She got sober again after that and refocused. Tonight, she rocked the world with an amazing performance of our National Anthem in the Super Bowl! A relapse doesn’t have to be the end of your story! Thank you for being an inspiration, Demi! If you’re beating yourself up for relapsing, just take one look at this photo and tell me you can’t come back even stronger than before. God bless you Demi!

    Kimberly Ball

    @Rick C you really should educate yourself on addiction if you are going to discuss it.

    Longhorn Fan Forever

    @The Dude she will go on a bender once again. Not jealous or envious. Having millions makes you do drugs and drink apparently. Give me a break. Apparently stardom makes you do this and pressure from record labels, people. How about you quit and be happy.

    Nekron Cifer

    What photo tho?

    Austin Green

    A real inspiration wouldn’t have done drugs

Lit Clown

Demi: “And The HOME, Of THE…”

Crowd: “CHIEFS”

    Kay Elle Vee

    Haha is that really what they were saying. Epic

    El Aaroneous Legionne riker

    @Kay Elle Vee yes. The crowd does it at every chiefs home game. It’s been going on for at least 30 years.
    And it often gets done at local sports games.
    Anytime the chiefs are playing, home or away, listen for it.

    Kay Elle Vee

    @El Aaroneous Legionne riker love it!

Camilo Romero

Fergie: And i opp.jpg

Adrian Martin

I m not even american but bruh, i felt that national anthem flowing through my veins.. she turned me into an american! Gob bless you! I m so happy you re ok now and u are healthy!

    Jannett Snow

    @EL MEXICANO some americans are terrible people. But not all.
    I have a saying there is good & bad in all. Search for the good

    BigCountry96 SaucyTx

    Real Americans are cool asf guys. It’s the dicks that makes us look bad.

    Maria •

    BigCountry96 SaucyTx for example scott s.

    Mariam M

    Adrian Martin nah still thankful to be an Australian

Sipho Francis Twala

Got goosebumps from this rendition and Im not even American 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Alix Stflour

    I agree!!

    Publius Cornelius Scipio

    @Dymon Yo You have no idea what you’re talking about. Sod off.


    @Dymon Yo ofc she is, she’s from Dallas, Texas



-AP YouTube

I love how she didn’t overdo the national anthem like most celebrities

    Josh Adams

    Mike Carter rather be a crackhead that a asscrack bro 😂😂

    nightingale inheaven

    @Josh Adams lmao 😂😂😂


    @nightingale inheaven Boomer Esiason is in the comment section here? Wow!

    nightingale inheaven

    @Justme77 who? By the way I’m not the typical 2 year old stan, I find the whole ‘ok boomer’ thing a joke 😂

El Rayo Custodio

SHE’S IMPROVED SO MUCH! She’s got a much richer tone now and her vibrato is sooo on point… Loved it!

    Gabriel Hernandez

    Her vibrato was forced as always, and unfortunally she couldn’t resonate, but it was a very good performance btw

    Alana Gibbs

    @Gabriel Hernandez Like OP said she’s improved a lot, though she was always good. Credit where credit is due. She sounded great and did an amazing job. It was a performance that touched very many people around the world.

    Alana Gibbs

    @Gabriel Hernandez Like OP said she’s improved a lot, though she was always good. Credit where credit is due. She sounded great and did an amazing job. It was a performance that touched very many people around the world.


This is her best version yet. Strong, mature, confident, and with a little vocal styling thrown in to make it her own. It’s amazing how coming out the other side of a near tragedy, appears to have given her a different perspective and inner strength. While I wish that she (and so many others)would’ve never gone through that trauma, she seems to be more at peace with herself. The National Anthem is one of the most fearsome challenges a singer can tackle. Some have failed, some have lip synched, and some have nailed it. She nailed it with a calm grace and respect that usually only comes from those that are so much older than her.

    Sindy Lou


    Peace Ben Williams TV

    Whitney was the best, but Demi did really good.

    Sindy Lou

    @Peace Ben Williams TV STRONGLY AGREE…LOVED HER MUSIC. 😊.🙏.

Crazy Lovatic

My friend was laughing at me because I’m a huge football fan and managed to get more hyped for this than the actual game.

    Lisa Schultheis

    Crazy Lovatic I’m so glad I’m not the only one that was like that. Lol I waited all day to see her do that after her Grammy performance I could’ve gave a crap about the game

Justin Joseph

And the home of the CHIEEEEEEEFS! I’m a lifelong Jets fan, but I love the passion of Chiefs fans! They’re awesome and I’m very happy for them!


I never cried when someone singing anthem, this is my first. Wow she is amazing! 👏🏻👏🏻

    Kordel Davis



Beautiful.. I heard the Whitney inspiration on “gave pa-rooof through the night” ❤️




X Factor guy: “that’s why you use autotune and I don’t..”


    Luka Jovicic

    @nightingale inheaven in oblivion where he belongs

    yves gabin

    @eltiletulf 😭😭😭😭😂

    Santa Spears

    And Britney defending Demi: “I feel uncomfortable with you even staring at me.”

    Star Bright

    😂 wonder where that weirdo is now


Demi, J Lo, and Shakira all in one night. Latinas are 🔥

    Kássio Gomes

    @Amanda Lynn but it still is part of Latin America.

    Elissa Solignac

    Cecilie Noble I’m sorry, your comment made me laugh 😂

    Amanda Lynn

    @Kássio Gomes right. But it’s not in South America 😂

    Cintss Cha

    @Roger Fleming ignorant American!!! Mexico is in north america!!!!

Keagan // Explore

“And the home of the CHIEFS!!!!!!!!”

I hope the fans of every team thats in a Superbowl drought get to experience what Chiefs Kingdom did last night. I’ve waited my whole life to see the Chiefs in the Superbowl, and I never could’ve imagined how exciting it was. And not to mention, Andy finally has his ring!

    April Navarro

    I’m hoping my Cowboys improve this next season but damn am I not proud of what the Chiefs did last night!! It was amazing to watch and I was so happy for them 🙏🏼

    Keagan // Explore

    @April Navarro I’m pulling for the Cowboys to get better to. My dream Superbowl would be Chiefs and Cowboys. I have a few friends down in Dallas so it’d be a great time!

    April Navarro

    Keagan // Explore I have loved Mahomes from the beginning he’s such a great quarterback but I was born and raised a Cowboys fan and win or lose they are my team. We need better coaching and Dak needs someone great guiding him I expect great things from them this coming season. I would love to see Dak against Mahomes I feel like he’d push Dak to play better and he could learn a thing or two from him.


    As a Vikings fan (and Dolphins is my backup team) I feel you more than anyone ever haha. What I would do to see them in the Super Bowl again


1:41 Demi: “and the home of the…”

Kansas fans: “Chieeeffffffs”

that was crazy man

    Jen Downs

    MISSOURI and some Kansas fans.

Stéphane Riopel

1:59 No one at home:
1:59 Fergie at home: Woo hoo! Let’s play some basketball.

Maya DZC

Got me chills, after all that happened, she’s a fighter and stronger than ever.

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