Yolanda Adams Sings America the Beautiful | Super Bowl LIV NFL Pregame – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Kylen RedCloud

So early don’t know what to say


LINK DO JOGO : superbowlliv20.blogspot.com?sbliv
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Marco DaVincí

Whoever reading this is going to be rich this year

    orlando east



    Already am!

    Siempre Boricua

    Marco DaVinci: I receive it in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

    Marco DaVincí

    @Sparks the LightningWing I am a psychic

    Marco DaVincí

    @dawoool loan me 1000$?


Sang Yolanda! 🙌🙌🙌 #HoustonWomenWinning

Luanna Williams

Amen, My Girl. That’s The Spirit. Enjoy The Game…

Mya Okallo-Whitmill

Gospel music

Lil Sports

58 and still a young beautiful voice

UrMum Geh

I wish this was our national anthem. I love the Star spangled banner but America the beautiful seems more appropriate. She and Demi Lovato killed it!!!

    Bobby Young

    A beautiful song sung by a beautiful classy lady!!!


    yup that bombs bursting in air crap is outdated af

    Brian Jackson



    I appreciate the history of the Star Spangled Banner. Don’t know the history of America the Beautiful. It was in The Muppet Movie.

Andrew Higdon

Listen to, “above the fruited plains and the next phrase and tell me that’s legit. Talk about creative freedom! Jeeeez

    Chyba Zartujesz

    That’s just pentatonic scale, the most overused vocal run in pop music. Wouldn’t call it that creative. Sounded good tho. But there are better phrases in here.


I like the zoom in from the cameraman of those men with the beautiful eyes

Wolf Heart Gaming

When that guy cried i felt that

    Louisa Clayton

    What guy ? I didn’t see it.

Marvin Sannes

So much better National Anthem – a theme of “BROTHERHOOD”! from Sea to Sea. YES!

Rebecca Cheatham

Beautiful! Well done!! God bless America!!

Rene'e Hughes

Yolanda Adams, put a more spiritual tone and meaning to the ‘America the Beautiful’ and we needed it, because of so many love one’s, friends and frenemies loosing their lives at the hands of people who don’t care… God continue to be a fence, for the seen and unseen in these perilous times ahead 😇



    Brian Jackson

    Come thru….YASSSSS


She killed it, this is so underrated. The singing, the kids in the back, everything is beautiful!

    Glory be to God the Most High

    jacklrg. mp creator She’s not underrated at all. She’s one of the top selling gospel artists in history. The word “underrated” needs yo be revoked.


    thanks! hehehehe


    @Glory be to God the Most High I can tell by his pic, he wouldn’t know she’s not underrated at all. Just sayin’…

Mona Monae

Wow! That was so great! Felt almost Disney, magical like.✔💙🕊💜

Walena Living,Praying,Dancing 2 God

Everything she sings…she really give it her all🎼❤❤❤❤

Highway 1

Those players are like….”ok I can take this most amazing time of my life to let this awesome song wash over me and catapult me into greatness.”
Or maybe more like…
“We’re going to win. Come on and let’s play already! Let’s goooooo!”

Beautiful vocals:)

Big Derrick


    Siempre Boricua

    Big Derrick: Glad you said that. I thought it was just me. My Girl Whitney will be in my thoughts Feb 11 & I want all to remember her as well. Love you forever, Whitney.

Nyjo Brennen

Ms.Adams really bought this song home. The lyrics even rang more Incomparable and Spiritual. I Felt EVERY Word. 👏🏾🙏🏾😍

    Siempre Boricua

    Nyjo Brennen: I felt it too & never prouder to be an American. We are all so truly blessed.

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