Deebo Samuel Breaks Away on 32-Yd Reverse! | Super Bowl LIV – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
David Hoiland

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Assistir San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs En Vivo

    Daniel Davies


The King Mansplainer

That is the most 49er play ever,also why is joe buck calling the super bowl?

Caitlin Christman

We all know the niners are going to win

    Caitlin Christman

    @Logan Rustin Sorry that the reffs are idiots and cant tell whats a touchdown and whats not

    Trippie Blue1400

    Caitlin Christman nope the ball was on the white. Any where on the white line is a ts

    Logan Rustin

    @Caitlin Christman you just don’t know the rules

    Caitlin Christman

    @Logan Rustin His foot was clearly out but he counted it in SUCH CHEATS

    The Enclave

    Caitlin Christman It isn’t about his foot. It’s about the ball

Anonymous Anonymous


Flipcalii 619

That was dope

Iron Mike

NFL is gay n rigged

Leo Cuber

Why am I watch

Clarence Nelson

I Believe The 49ers are going to Win The Game

    Kayden Williams

    Lmao interception for chiefs y’all suck you little bots your quarterback will choke…

    The InvictusSamaritan

    Kayden Williams 20-10…

    Kayden Williams

    The InvictusSamaritan lol 20-17 we can easily win still wit 5 mins left

    The InvictusSamaritan

    Kayden Williams yo let’s go! Damien Williams with the touchdown!

    Kayden Williams

    The InvictusSamaritan yessir brotha now we gotta stop the running game that dude named mustard…lmao…

anees ahmad

49ers all da way

    Joseph Kelley




    Joseph Kelley


    The Enclave

    Silent #ChiefsKingdom

camryn vega

Mahomes has never lost a super bowl

dagoat Elijah

Patrick’s Mahomes

Jake Mathis

This new Fox graphics package is good. I love it. Glad they got rid of the 2017 package. I didn’t like that one

    Mark Symbala

    very Good

    david _

    yea it was really boring

Dan Cisneros

Never got the hype for watching sports unless your playing the sport.

    Mike Flying a Kite

    People like watching sports. It’s like enjoying a TV show, a book, a video game, a movie, a hobby. What’s not to get?

    The Chad

    Yet here you are. Watching sports highlights.

    Kameron Richardson

    I played football in high school and college, so I love to watch the games. I also enjoy just watching competitions so I watch basketball, hockey, track events even though I was never involved. There are plenty of reasons to watch.


Deebo Samuel deserves the mvp award


FYI, a close up of his head and shoulders is if no use to seeing the replay. Thanks

    Mark Symbala

    i use Johnson’s


    @Mark Symbala lol



Singer J'Rome Kelz LIVE!

Very nice run, but please tell me his real name is not “Deebo”.

    Dat Boi

    Singer J’Rome Kelz LIVE! His real name is Tyshun

Grand Jari

Hey is that A Clemson player NOPE

    Bryan Catoe

    That is a proud Gamecock!

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