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David Blough on Week 16 loss to Broncos

Quarterback David Blough talks to the media about third quarter run improvements and preparing for the Green Bay Packers in Week 17.

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sith lord

You can’t blame an undrafted rookie

    Scott McClellan

    No you can’t but this is a prime example of what I been saying that I “DO SEE” as improvements in this team from the past.. This man is standing up here taking responsibility for the things he knows (because he IS well coached) that he did wrong that costs his team and he will go to work on improving it moving forward. UDFA or not this coach is instilling that type of no excuses never quit always strive to be better and take responsibility for your shortcomings attitude into this team and it is the first step in a winning culture we have been lacking for decades…As painful as some of the bad decisions he made were..this is crucial experience for this guy to “Maybe” grow into a solid backup QB and eventually into the new starter… I think Thats why they took him they believe he will do the work to get there and has the raw skills..

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