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Lions react to Week 16 loss to Broncos

Hear the highlights from the postgame locker room after the Lions fell 27-17 to the Denver Broncos.

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lions pride

Tank nation

Detroit Empire

Thanks for a good spot in the draft


now? we root for Washington next week…..

    Austin Statin

    bigbabyzubas we tank

    Trenton Kaeding

    Redskins we need you!!!!


    @Austin Statin Yea, which.sux.because its.Green Bay. Number.2

Bernard Brooks

Played like 4 games in two years? Not a 3 down back, nice 3rd down option going forward, not durable hurt last year hurt this year, need to draft RB this year Dobbins or Taylor would be a nice pick up in the next draft!


Idc about your garbage team. Just beat the packers next week. Somehow lol.

Bryan Smith

KJ and Bo RB1/2

Michael Robinson


Michael Robinson

We would’ve had josh Allen last year had u not beaten GB in a POINTLESS game last week when they rested their starters

Trenton Kaeding

It sucks this is reality. C’mon Washington!! Lions please don’t win this game that means absolutely nothing

    Mr Sir

    If they can’t beat Redskins, Bucs and Broncos why would you even think they could beat the Packers? lol

    Trenton Kaeding

    @Mr Sir because they always win games that are meaningless. And they want revenge, they’re gonna gonna come out looking like a beast mode team. Especially after what happened on primetime

    Mr Sir

    @Trenton Kaeding Have they did that once this year? They did that when they had Stafford. Blough suckssssssssss and the defense isn’t stopping Rodgers or anyone.

    Trenton Kaeding

    @Mr Sir just watch. They want to prove something. They’ve won games that mean nothing before. But no, they haven’t done that this year. And of course they’re not gonna because this defense is terrible, and their pro bowl worthy injured QB is not playing.

Hatchet Jack

Lions always losing for 60 years. The FORDS dont care bout the fans

russell raap jr

Lions have been a whipping boy for the league, refs, and veterans for years. Veterans sign here to play lazy the rest of their career, and rookies that are good get shipped off after they fulfill their rookie contracts.

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