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Matt Patricia on loss to Broncos

Head coach Matt Patricia talks to the media about Week 16 loss to Denver Broncos and OL improvements.

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Chase young here we come!!!

    JayyCee4 !!

    IF he doesn’t stay at ohio state for another year

    Cody Hess

    @JayyCee4 !! Odds are he won’t. To much to lose going back for another year. He’s pegged as the most talented guy in the draft alresfy. Going back could only just hurt that. Just the way it usually goes.


    He’s not slipping past 2

    Boogaloo Shrimp

    The Redskins are going to take him at number 2 unless they beat Dallas and we lose

Viktir E

At this point your only chance of doing something right would be to lose out.

jason R

Chase young wont save this franchise

Andre The Giant

Lol lions losing in spectacular fashion like usual

Bryan Smith

Patricia always credits the opposing team for literally playing the bare minimum required to beat the worst defense in the league.

Ranard Sain

Ok yeah so um 😂😂


Well my fellow lions fan look on the bright side the patriot may not make the super bowl 😀

Jonathan Flenna

Here we go uhhh

Lion Rumble 81

Figure out your defense and what players you want! We need to create turnovers and create more 3 and outs! PS please spend some money this offseason ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽

Carey Waldie

This guy’s on repeat. If we don’t get some run stoppers and a pass rush we’re doomed to football purgatory.


Lions fans we need a culture change losses are just normal around here

al hudson

The culture was changed 2 years ago when we expected to at least make the playoffs but that wasn’t good enough or was too good for what this franchise is used to so now we’re back to 2009 basically

Hatchet Jack

Hat gets lower and lower every lose, Fat and pathetic Rag Bagg’s of a coach

    pj on mobile



I love Matt Patrica don’t get me wrong but I think we need some serious changes to the Detroit organization… I think maybe we should’ve traded away slay and possibly get a good pick out of him and draft a new CB, also I think Patrica needs to go and there GM has to go. The lions are a joke! We need a good d-line Damon Harrison is great, but we need pass rushers! Trey Flowers didn’t start showing up until later in the season, and Mike Daniels isn’t bad but we need a star player on that line. I also think we need some serious help with DBs they all aren’t very good, Slay has been ok. The lions GM should have been all over the Jalen Ramsey trade! The reason why the pats are so great is because they take risks, yeah Tom Brady is great and Bill Belichick is a defensive master mind, but what about that time they signed Antonio Brown! The pats didn’t like him so they cut him not that long after… Risks!

    Andre The Giant

    Nah the patriots have been great because they’ve had the same coach for 10+ years. They got the talent they need over there and there constantly adding to it every single season. Thats the problem with the lions they wanna give a coach 2-3 seasons then fire him and have another coach come in and completely change the schemes on both sides of the ball then in turn have to trade away players to bring guys that fit there scheme. One big cycle for so many years.

pj on mobile

You guys put up a fight

Michael Trpkovski

Do you guys think Matt Patricia looks at these comments

Bernard Brooks

Bob Quinn and his eating machine! How come the Fortyniners turned it around in 2 years? Maybe because They know how to run a team and you Assholes don’t!

Bernard Brooks

Same results next year! Quinn should be fired today!

Jason Hurt

I don’t like the Lions, but that’s a cool hat

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