Davante Adams’ Jaw-Dropping 2019 Season | Packers Daily – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Davante Adams’ Jaw-Dropping 2019 Season | Packers Daily

Wayne Larrivee reviews Davante Adams’ stellar statistics and sensational playoff performance in this edition of Packers Daily.

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MD Gameing

First go pack go

Legend Daryj

Too bad he had an injury 😵

Papa Filth

Yea it was jaw dropping, he was Rodgers only target. We are wasting Rodgers prime years.

    #1 Juggy

    It’s rlly sad

Papa Filth

We will see what he does when he doesn’t have a AllTime QB throwing to him.

    WeAlKu gamertag

    He had Brett hundley without Rodgers and balled out, what do you mean? Lol

    Papa Filth

    WeAlKu gamertag if you guys are satisfied with last season then your probably really excited about missing the super bowl again next year. Adams is no where near the caliber of Rodgers. Give Rodgers a Julio Jones caliber player one year and watch them set records. The packers are wasting Rodgers prime years. I have been a packer fan since I was kid but doesn’t mean I’m gna be happy with how they are treating the best QB I have ever seen throw a football.

charlie b

Can you guys please bring clay matthews back we need him, please I love him

    Jacob Gomez

    we don’t need him your definitely ill or something


    Packers need speed at LB, yet you want Matthews back?! Truth is, he has ZERO place in the 2020 Packers LBs room. Hey, he did great for GB 10 years ago, but the sad fact remains his time has long since passed. Again, GB needs speed at LB, which hopefully means drafting a replacement for Martinez as well. All that said: GO PACK GO!!!!!

    Jacob Gomez

    MrOuchiez guarantee is under the age of 12

Eric S


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