Akbar Gbajabiamila Says Las Vegas Will Be a Fresh Start | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Akbar Gbajabiamila Says Las Vegas Will Be a Fresh Start | Raiders

Raiders.com's Eddie Paskal sits down with former Raiders DE Akbar Gbajabiamila to discuss Head Coach Jon Gruden, the future of the Silver and Black, RB Josh Jacobs, Las Vegas, and more.

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Dominik Gonzalez



    You had the opportunity to be the first to say something and all you mustered up was a baseless 5 letter word?

Oakland Native

he always shows luv to da raiders!

Bill Lozier

Death Star fits as a nickname. I love it.

Thomas Fitzherbert

Hopefully now that we’re not in Oakland the refs stop penalizing as if they’re still carrying out an Al Davis vendetta. He’s gone let it go NFL. Being the most penalized team far and away no matter how many times we change coaches and players, it’s ridiculous

    Poppa WoLFF

    The league is gonna ramp up their bullshit if anything because they are scared. They see the upward spiral we are on and they’re shitting their trousers

    Tyger King of kings

    It’s bullshit how they call penalties on the Raiders for every little thing, specially when it matters but they help out the Chiefs, Patriots, Steelers and Cowboys.

    Juls Amez


Mr. Black

I like the BLACK PEARL over Death Star. The Raiders are renegade pirates and The Black Pearl is part of the high seas swashbuckling lore. Sailing into the desert for all Raider fans to come aboard. IEEEY-MATIE!

    Jon Fernandez

    The Black Pearl or just the Al. Leaning towards the Al.

Steven Petkovich

His name looks like you spammed your key board with random letters

Dan Tanna

Everything is new until Carr’s under center again scared and confused. Still waiting for Plunk to make that call to Andrew Luck.

    Kevin Roller

    I Agree 100 Percent Scared always throwing the dam ball to the ground instead of Running to make another play even if its 3rd or 4th down he Still throws it away

Thomas Latimer

Got to meet Akbar great dude

Ed Christ 666

The “Death star” sounds perfect with the dark side the RAIDERS are associated with. Also we need to start calling the super bowl trophy the Davis/Lombardi trophy. Start it here and sooner or later it’ll become common place.

    William Pender

    Too Disney

    Tree Climbing Raider

    The Death Star sounds cool but the death star got blown up like 6 times. No thanks.


    The death star is already used anyway for the Cowboys stadium (AT&T). Google it.

Stid Starz

It may be a fresh start but that does not equate to a winning team. The Raiders have a losing mind set with one of the worst records in the last 20 years, a team going no where fast and after all the hype last season, it was the same old dull Raiders. Just 6 more years of gruden and then the Raiders can think about building a winning team.

    jay sauce

    U trippin lol

    Stid Starz

    ​@jay sauce 😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂

    DB Crypto

    Lick Scrotal taint face.

Michael Brueck

No to death star, WEAK.

    Tyger King of kings


jay sauce

Wat do u guys think about the pricing??

Karl Morrison

DEATH STAR sounds perfect haha!

Konstantin Schubert

I’m so excited for the upcoming season🖤
Greetings from germany

Michael Culbert

Everything is brand new! We are undefeated in Vegas, baby!

Juls Amez


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